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Information Systems Proposal Essay

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Brooks Thomas
B & A Nostalgic Record Store

Table of Contents
1. Introduction…
2. Types of Information Systems…
3. Benefits and Drawbacks to Information Systems…
4. Closing Remarks…


B & A Nostalgic Record Store will be a small record store located in the heart of Spokane, Washington that will specialize in all genres of music on the national and local music scene. The store is named after Brooks Thomas and his younger son, Amare. Founded in 2014 after realizing the local music scene does not have a proper venue to get its music out to listeners. Now with all ...view middle of the document...


Benefits and Drawbacks to Information Systems

Types of Systems | Benefits | Drawbacks |
Decision Support Systems | Improvement in means of communication, more decisions based on fact rather than logic alone, time saver-decisions will be made in a more timely manner | Managers or people in a position of power within company tend to become negligent at times as far as decision making process, relying on the software too much, cost of software |
Executive Dashboard | As long as data is meaningful and reliable data is provided on a more up-to – date basis. Gives company a projection of where a project is headed | At times can be overloaded with too much or too little information |
Functional Area IS | Provides business with more concise data reliability when dealing with internal workings of company such as payroll, compensation packages, specific job functions | Depending on specific job in company, working together as a team may be difficult due to lack of integrating amongst each other. Lack of control as company expands, hard to keep up with data for multiple employees especially depending on positions, pay, job duties |
Office Automation System | Allows multiple employees to access data at one time, more time efficient, employees with less training can become more effective and skilled employees | Depending on software, can be quite expensive, may require additional training to older employees accustomed to older tactics |
Transaction Processing...

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