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Information Systems Security And Ethical Challenges Chapter 13 Activity 8.5

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Bob Baumgardner
Activity 8.5

Assignment Module Review

1. What can be done to improve the security of business uses of the Internet? Give several examples of security measures and technologies you would use.

There are many measures that can be used and implemented to stop cyber scams. However, the best way is to spread awareness. When people are aware that what they are doing on the Internet can damage their computer, drain their bank accounts and affect their lives, they will reconsider what they are doing online. Another way to stop phishing is not to open the email even if it sounds good. To many people open it and donate money only to find out they have been ...view middle of the document...

Disaster recovery plans are important not only in the workplace and at education facilities, but also in your own home. Disaster recovery is already in place at my place of work Boeing. They cannot afford not to have it in place with all the proprietary paperwork on computers. The have an offsite backup plan which most companies have if they are smart. Even the small guy can benefit from having a server offsite in case of a disaster.

4. What are several business decisions that you will have to make as a manager that have both ethical and IT dimensions? Give examples to illustrate your answer.

“Wherever and whenever possible, your job as a manager or business professional should involve managing your work activities
and those of others to minimize the detrimental effects of business applications of information technology and optimize their beneficial effects. That would represent an
ethically responsible use of information technology”.

(Pg. 567). At my place of work every year we watch a film by the CEO that explains ethics concerning IT documents and would happen if our competitor got a hold of them! Management is responsible to make sure all employees work with ethics when it comes to IT including the use of computers.

Your Internet...

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