Information Technology And The Rise Of Ethical Issues

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Information Technology and the Rise of Ethical Issues
The purpose of this research is to identify what are the advances in information technology that resulted in new ethical issues necessitating the creation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), 1991, and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), 1998. To start examining the ethical issues of each act it was necessary to understand the meaning of the act and who the act affected. Each act applied to different age groups yet pertained some of the same ethical issues for the creation of each act. Once the meaning behind the acts were identified, the ethical issues were easy to recognize.
Information Technology
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(“Rules and regulations,” 2003) There are “thousands of telemarketing sales calls are made to defraud consumers. Unscrupulous telemarketers even maintain "mooch" lists, databases of people who are most likely to be victimized by fraudulent sales calls” (“Telemarketing and,” n.d.). The TCPA also endorses the commercial freedoms of speech through responsible telemarketing practices.
The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), 1998 was established to help define what information can be obtained and how it can be used for individuals 13 and younger. Ethical issues that have transpired for the creation of COPPA include fraud, privacy, and protection of a minor. Children using technology today may not have the knowledge needed to understand what a safe site is and what information they should not release. COPPA established that a parent has “control over what information websites can collect from their kids,” this is to assist the efforts to keep children safe (“Children's online,” n.d.). Investigative reports were conducted to uncover and heighten the awareness of how easily personal information could be obtained on children. The report displayed that anyone could obtain a list of children within a desired area. This list was obtained by paying a...

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