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Ing Student Fund Essay

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ING Real Estate Investment Management Australia

APRIL 2006

Creating value through innovative new investment products and global expansion

Welcome to the April 2006 Update for ING Real Estate Investment Management Australia. Our business forms part of ING Real Estate, the largest integrated real estate organisation in the world. In Australia, we manage five listed and three unlisted property funds on behalf of over 55,000 investors. Many of you are familiar with us through your investment in ING Industrial Fund or ING Office Fund, both of which have successfully utilised ING Real Estate’s extensive global network to source quality assets in some of ...view middle of the document...

The Fund has been established to become a significant real estate provider to the healthcare sector, allowing operators to focus solely on their core businesses of managing healthcare facilities. Management will grow the Fund by partnering with hospital operators and healthcare providers, typically through long-term leases that provide stable and growing property returns for investors.

The initial portfolio comprises two private hospitals situated in East Melbourne, the Epworth Freemasons Hospital and Medical Centre, Victoria Parade, and the Epworth Freemasons Hospital, Clarendon Street. The facilities have a combined value of $48.5 million.

East Melbourne is located adjacent to the Melbourne

IHF will be the only listed trust in Australia providing real estate exposure to the expanding healthcare sector.
The Fund is well placed to participate in investment opportunities arising from Australia’s growing healthcare needs. With Australia’s healthcare expenditure growing at well above the rate of inflation, we believe the timing for the establishment of a healthcare fund is very favourable. Trading of the Fund’s units on the ASX will commence in mid May 2006.

Epworth Freemasons Hospital, VIC.

DPU forecast (cents per unit)

8.6 8.4

F Y 2007E

F Y 2008E

Epworth Freemasons Hospital & Medical Centre, VIC.

East Melbourne is adjacent to the Melbourne CBD and is regarded as one of Australia’s pre-eminent medical precincts, having a high concentration of hospitals and associated medical facilities.

The Federal, State, Territory and local governments fund more than two-thirds of total healthcare expenditure. Total government health expenditure in Australia had already reached $53.5 billion in 2003-04. Looking ahead, the private health sector is expected to play an increasingly important role in meeting the growing demand for medical services. The Federal government appears committed to ensuring a strong private health system that complements the public health system. The Federal government’s private health insurance rebate initiative is seeking to better balance the private and public sector involvement in the healthcare system by encouraging people to have private health insurance while preserving Medicare as the universal safety net. Continuing high levels of private health insurance membership will remain important to the ongoing performance of the private health sector.

Location: Initial Portfolio.

Epworth Freemasons Hospital and Medical Centre Victoria Parade, East Melbourne. Epworth Freemasons Hospital Clarendon Street, East Melbourne.
Epworth Freemasons Hospital, VIC.

Opportunities for investment in healthcare real estate include private hospitals, medical centres, rehabilitation facilities, laboratories and other health related purposebuilt facilities. As a long-term owner of healthcare property, the Fund will be able...

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