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Initiating The Recruitment Process Essay

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Getting the Right People
In this Section:
Develop selection criteria for the position
Choosing your methods of recruitment
Initiating the recruitment process

Develop selection criteria for the position

Based on the job description for the position, develop the criteria that will be used to screen resumes and select the best person for the job.

Consider the following:
What skills are essential to the position?
How will you ensure the new employee fits the culture of your organization?
How will you make certain that your criteria are not discriminatory?
How will you ensure that your criteria are specific, measurable and job-related?

Develop a checklist to guide ...view middle of the document...

The quality of employee referrals is usually high because employees usually only refer people that they are confident would be a good match for the position and organization
People tend to recommend others with similar backgrounds - therefore it is important to ensure that the practice of employee referrals does not lead to a decrease in diversity within your organization
People recruited by your staff usually have some understanding of the work of the organization
There can be a tendency to feel that you must hire someone who is referred by an employee even if your assessment is that the person is not the best match

Relying on employee referrals may not provide a wide enough scope of prospective candidates and you may end up hiring more of the same type of employees with similar backgrounds and experiences rather than diversifying your workforce.

Print advertisements

Posting the opportunity in a newspaper or professional journal.

You can reach a large audience in a specific area
The content of the advertisement will impact on the number of applicants - if the ad is general you will most likely receive more applications but you may receive a significant number of applications from unqualified candidates
May be expensive

Remember to target diverse networks and community agencies in order to develop a diverse workforce. See Diversity at Work for more information.

Internet recruiting

Posting the opportunity on an internet job site, on your own website or on professional association websites.

Internet recruiting is cost effective
One study has shown that 96% of people looking for jobs use the internet
Internet job postings as available to potential candidates 24 hours a day
You can minimize the number of unqualified candidates by directing people to more information on your organization's website
The number of applications may be overwhelming

Internships/field placements

Upon graduation, recruiting students who come to your organization as...

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