Inmate Matters Essay

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Gregory L. Crawford
CJ101: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Module 5: Inmate Matters

I remember when growing up in southwest Ohio, hearing about prisons and prisoners. And in particular, watching television programs on the life of criminals while incarcerated. I recall one specific documentary depicted the life of an inmate as being tolerable, where the inmate had a place to sleep, received three hot meals a day, had medical care, education, recreation, and was even paid for jobs inside the prison. Numerous relatives saw the same program and seemed upset about how good conditions were inside of our prison system, arguing prisoners were better off than many Americans. They ...view middle of the document...

But, I am convinced that many of the problems our young offenders have, could have been corrected at home with proper nurturing from their parents. So, without the proper nurturing, children sought it elsewhere, with many becoming gang members or criminals.
In 1934 President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6917, establishing the Federal Prison Industries (FPI), Incorporated and from it, sprang UNICOR. (Factories with Fences 2009) Part of UNICOR’s mission is to employ and provide job skills training to the largest practicable number of inmates incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. While I believe education and substance abuse programs are important in the rehabilitation of inmates, vocational training provides the inmates with hard skills necessary to secure and hold a job once released. Hands on experience in this case is just as important as finishing their GED.
I believe inmates who participate in prison education, vocation and work programs have lower recidivism rates than those of non-participants. And those who do not participate will be a repeat offender, unable to break the cycle of crime and punishment.
Our reading revealed that each Federal prison has its own education department that provides education and recreational activities to Federal inmates. Additionally, while BOP inmates have access to a variety of educational programs, literacy education receives the highest priority. With few exceptions, a prisoner who does not have a GED credential must take part in a literacy program for a minimum of...

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