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Innate Good Essay

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Innate Goodness and Theories
An individual’s personality is essential to the study of psychology. Psychologists use different concepts to enlighten and understand the behavioral ad mental processes of human beings which differ from individual to individual (Briley & Tucker-Drob, 2014). There are several theories that have been used to comprehend individuals and their behaviors and personality development for many years. The notion of innate goodness is significant in most of the personality concepts and theories such as trait theories, biological theories, humanistic and behavioral theories (Briley & Tucker-Drob, 2014).. Human nature and individual behaviors play an important ...view middle of the document...

Biological theories involve biological factors in humans such as neuro functions, brains structures and genetics in the development of an individual’s personality (McDonald & Wearing, 2013). From the perspective of biological theories, individuals are born with specific innate tendencies that react to the environment in varied ways. According to Eysenck an individual's personality is categorized on two scales (Matthews & Gilliland, 1999). The two scales in which individuals are categorized are introversion, extraversion and stable or unstable (McDonald & Wearing, 2013). According to studies conducted, psychological behaviors, characters and mental issues can be determined by an individual’s genetic factor (McDonald & Wearing, 2013). Therefore it can be concluded by research that human nature is neither good nor bad, but that genes determine the innate goodness in human beings (Matthews & Gilliland, 1999).
Both biology and social influences combine to shape an individual’s behavior and personality (Schaffner, 2001). Various researchers believe that individuals act and behave as they due to their hereditary predispositions; this is the nature of behavior, while nurture states that individuals ponder and act in specific ways because they are shown to do so (Schaffner, 2001). Research conducted has proven that genes in humans not only influence the traits of humanity in an individual but also offer a reason for how humans behave (McDonald & Wearing, 2013). Behaviors such as sympathy cannot be attributed to the social norms but rather to the innate goodness of humans, therefore it can be concluded that biological theories support the innate goodness of individuals (Mathews & Gilliland, 1999).
Humanistic theories
Humanistic theories are focused on the innate good of people’s environment, and stress on the simple goodness of people and the necessity to accomplish one's full potential (Wong, 2006). Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers are the two main psychologist known for their humanistic theories. Maslow introduced the hierarchy of needs stressed that an individual’s need and actions are motivated in order to achieve certain needs (Dye, Mills, & Weatherbee, 2005). Maslow believed in the innate goodness of natural man and that human beings were born that way with a clean slate (Dye, Mills, & Weatherbee, 2005). McDonald & Wearing stressed that where there is an empowering setting to nurture and support the psychological need of a human being, and then there is the probability of innate goodness.
Carl Rogers, humanistic theory stressed on his beliefs in the innate goodness of life, the positive individuality and creative power of each individual (McMahon, 2006). Rogers also emphasized that every individual’s main goal is to become self-actualized and that each individual has the potential to be unique and advance in different ways according to our personality (McMahon, 2006). Self-improvement and self-discovery are the foremost factors that contribute...

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