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Innovation And Sustainability Research Paper Mcelraft

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Inuit of the Artic Kinship

ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

September 29, 2012

As we study anthropology we ask ourselves the question, what is anthropology and what is the meaning of cultural? In the studies we learn that anthropology is the study of people, their origins, and their cultures. We learned that cultural is the system of government, style of dress or even types of sexual behavior and food. So we put together the words cultural anthropology and the text tells us it is “the comparative study of human cultures with the objective of deepening our understanding of the human condition” (Laird, 2010). With all this to reflect on, this writer will discuss the ...view middle of the document...

We also may have a host of friends and associates.
Our lives are surrounded by people in the work places, churches and all types of different environments, but there is no bond, no kinship, or relationships. We just go about our daily lives and most of the time not caring about the other man.
Our text describes the Inuit people as foragers. “Foragers there are a continuous movement of goods through kinship ties and residential proximity, which strengthens people’s obligations to each other. The obligations to share, and the mobile lifestyle, inhibit the accumulation of individual wealth” (Laird, 2010). They lived in small communities that are mobile self-sufficient and the group is called bands.
The Inuit people live in a small ice shelter insulated with the skins of seals moving from one location to another during the change of the seasons. There are very little personal items because of the inconvenience of moving from place to place. When they move would leave an empty shell behind (Versatile, 2011). The men hunting activities would provide the popular of the food, but diets consist mostly of berries, melons, fruits and nuts.
They would share with each other, but as this writer read more about the kinship of these people it was times would get hard and they would share, however; according to the text it states, “whenever game was abundant, sharing among non-relatives was...

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