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Innovation Impact Essay

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Innovation helps the companies to fight competition and bring about an improvement in the image and profitability of the business. For the purpose of describing the impact of innovation on organizations and their strategy, processes, products, and services, three organizations chosen; Apple, Verizon, and Southwest.
Innovation at Apple
The development of the new music products and innovations of new services like iPod, ipad, and iphone have been very valuable to achieve growth of the company in 2010.Through this innovation, the company has passed Microsoft the computer software giant, in may 2010 to become the world’s most valuable technology company (Topics.nytimes, 2010). Under the ...view middle of the document...

verizon, 2010). Verizon need all the creative energy along with their partners can muster as they enter the next phase of this dynamic industry because, for all the tremendous changes technology has made in society over the last 10 years. Verizon believe they are on the threshold of an even more innovative era to come.
With a new generation of wireless broadband on the horizon and a continuing push toward a 100-megabit society, Verizon is moving inexorably toward a fully connected world that will put the power of technology within reach of every person on the planet (Responsibility.verizon, 2010). For example Verizon is using the Internet to empower teachers through their award winning educational website, (Responsibility.verizon, 2010).Verizon also is working on a new service called The Verizon Health Information Exchange to consolidate clinical patient data from health care providers and put it into a standardized format that can be securely accessed over the Internet. MedVirginia, a Richmond-based health care group formed by a consortium of Virginia health care providers, plans to use the service (Washingtonexaminer, 2010).
Innovation at Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines entered the airline industry in 1971 with a little money, but with much recognition (Southwest, 2010). Southwest provides low fares, frequent flights, on time arrivals, and top safety records. Innovation is the key strategy that helps the company to take the benefit of opportunities. In recent years it has equipped with new planes and employed the aviation technology to obtain better take off performance, decreasing the overheads on maintenance and there are savings of...

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