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"Inside Drucker's Brain" Leadership Analysis

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“Inside Drucker’s Brain”
There are no second thoughts when it comes to Peter Drucker being credited, as “the leading founder of the field of management.” He was the first to describe management as more so a “practice, or discipline” as oppose to a science much like Frederick Taylor had assessed. Drucker was a man all about, “getting mangers to ask the right questions. To see beyond what they thought they knew, to look past yesterday so that they might get a glimpse of tomorrow.” He strongly believed in a life and management style that thrived on moving forward without looking back. Abandoning the ineffective or old to make room for the “highly promising and opportunistic new.” He was a ...view middle of the document...

” The ideas and outlines to smooth running operations and great success Drucker associates with the method of decentralization. Being spot on. It’s hard to believe his innovative ways in management have not so graciously been embraced by this generation of young managers, and longtime but now struggling businesses.
After reading “Inside Drucker’s Brain” I feel so enlightened, and to have gained knowledge that will open doors for future opportunities knocking. I learned many new things on the account of Drucker, but there were a few I have found more crucial than others. Five things specifically I would like to elaborate on. Looking back on Drucker’s idea previously mentioned that abandonment was not appealing, however necessary to succeed. He quotes “abandonment is the key to innovation” and I agree, and would utilize this approach myself as a manager. Understanding the risks in leaving behind a company’s old way of doing things and banking future success on past accomplishments, only allows a business to grow so much. When you leave behind the old and outdated you free up resources and opportunity for higher-stakes, and more rewarding endeavors.
Another lesson I take away from Drucker that initially I wouldn’t have agreed on, is how he strongly believes in the urgency to remove individuals who are not consistent in their efforts. More importantly at the managerial level. There is no gain in keeping those unable to perform, and allowing them to continue with their non-contributing ways. Because it is in fact unfair and stressful to those who are able to perform, and deliver accordingly. Before I would have attempted to educate and train these individuals considered less than the appropriate standard, but only to a certain extent. Yet now I find truth in Drucker’s words not to waste the time or money of not only the company, but other employees on those who just don’t get it.
Business from the start have always tried adopting a code of ethics, or mission statement of some sort to keep the organization focused and on the same page, however most times both really fail to do so. Often because they were too broad in goals and expectations, or too generalized to interpret. Drucker saw the necessity in having a very specific and straight forward mission statement, to motivate and promote corresponding action throughout the business. He also as mentioned earlier, saw the effectiveness of promoting shared values and ideas all throughout the company. How to make strong and frequent efforts to conduct meetings, reviews, and training during all of which are reminding people of those values. Keeping objectives simple but straightforward, and all parts of the organization informed is the fast track to success. By not complicating processes, and instead breaking down objectives to their rarest form leaves no room for confusion. Only then will businesses be able to attribute their time and resources in a working manner. Something else Drucker considers an...

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