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Inside The Cia Essay

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Inside the CIA
Let’s admitted, we have all atleast heard of it once before. We have seen it from the news documentary to the action-pack blockbusters movies. Its acronym and meaning has been widely known throughout the entire world. It comes to no surprise why people are so curious about the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency belongs to one of the many agencies that protect the United States, for a safer life to the civilians in this country. Rising from the cold war, through their first initiation as a full service organization in 1947, their operations and even methods of solution has been kept secret from the public eyes, even domestic. But for us to understand their purpose of ...view middle of the document...

Coordinates federal intelligence activities and provides centralized services for other agencies. Develops and disseminates intelligence, counterintelligence, and foreign intelligence information. Engages in intelligence and counterintelligence activities outside the United States.” (“National Archieve” 2428). The main purpose of the agency isabout gathering as much information from enemy countries to counter war in a near future.
Placing the job of being a spy aside, there’s also other jobs the CIA offers. Sure, the fact of being a spy and going to other countries to gather information, driving in high expensive cars, jumping roof-tops, and fighting your way out of a secret hide-out kind of like James Bond sounds interesting enough, this is far and unrealistic from the real job. Although, that is not saying that you don’t see any action on the job. On the contrary, you might be surprise what you expect on a certain mission. The actual name for this job is called Clandestine Services. “The CIA is not the same thing as the FBI. First of all, they're spelled differently. Second, the FBI is basically concerned about law enforcement, whereas the CIA is concerned with getting information to help aid the US make foreign policy decisions”(“Soyouwanna”1-5). It belongs to one of the job offer there along with the Science and Technology, and directorate of support. The CIA offers a lot of different jobs that are diverse and unique on their own way. The agency has been both subjects of heroism as well as controversy. So much that sometimes their secret operations are questioned to find out if they are breaking the law somehow. Now in days you might say that the CIA involvement with the United States has increased over the years.
During the end of World War II, it marks the ending of any dispute between foreign countries. But even though, the idea of gathering more advantage than your enemy was crucial and important to their own countries affairs. Over the years we have heard of secret operations being carried over years later. The history of CIA deals with several things, certainly including covert action, but also clandestine and overt intelligence collection, intelligence analysis and reporting, and logistical and technical support of its activities (Allan and Michael 6). They have even been some controversies around the agency. “Areas of controversy about inappropriate, often illegal actions include experiments, without consent, on human beings to explore chemical means of...

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