Inside The Mind Of Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Inside the Mind of Macbeth 

Some writers concern themselves with inward psychological processes. In these works the focus is the mind of the character and the decisions that he makes. The reader is concentrated on whether the character will make the right choice or the wrong choice. He can stay the same, or learn something about himself and change. In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare uses the mental processes of Macbeth to reveal and explore his character. Through the opinions that Macbeth possesses, the reader interprets his personality. Macbeth goes through many changes, each time gaining more and more evil. As the play progresses, he loses his soul and humanity.

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He still holds some remorse for what he does, but goes through with killing Duncan anyway.

It is after Duncan is killed, that the sinister Macbeth comes out. The new characteristic that is introduced is that Macbeth is very controlling. Macbeth still does not feel comfortable with his position. There is a chance that his power can be taken away from him. He feels weakness and cannot stand it. In war, he killed until the end. At this point in the play, Macbeth feels as if he is in war against those who might want to take his title away from him. He does not feel secure in his position of king.

Now it is fear that drives Macbeth to murder. He eliminates all opposition that might challenge him in the future. From the audience's position, they see no opposition. Macbeth is seen as heartless in wanting to kill Macduff's family. The audience cannot fully comprehend Macbeth's fear and he is seen as a tyrant.

By killing people (and by another premonition by the witches), Macbeth feels a rise in power. He is...

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