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Insights Of Education Essay

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Insights “Americans thought us the importance of education, and that importance is still evident today. Before the Americans, education was not for everyone, only the elite people were given the chance of the Spaniards to study. Americans introduced the public school system and by that we should thanked them because they’re the reason why there’s Philippine Normal University, our school. We all know that they had hidden agendas for their own good that’s why they helped and educated us. But In my own opinion, I must say that both parties benefitted, what they did had a mutual effect to the Americans and to us Filipinos.”American colonial period
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In the first decade, the intermediate grades focused on vocational education, with a special course for those who intended to go to high school. Apart from English language and literature and arithmetic, the elementary schools taught geography, nature study, music, drawing, physiology, hygiene, and physical education. Age-appropriate industrial skills were taught in all levels. In 1902, secular public high schools were established, teaching courses on current events, U.S. history and government, algebra, geometry and arithmetic, general sciences and history, and physics as well as English literature and composition and physical education.
For the tertiary level, the Pensionado Program was established on 26 August 1903 to enable about 300 chosen Philippine high school graduates to study in American colleges for free, under the condition that they serve the Philippine government upon their graduation. In 1908, the University of the Philippines was established. Vocational schools, however, were given more emphasis.
Many Filipinos still preferred a Catholic education. Thus many private Catholic schools flourished, including those established during the Spanish period, like Ateneo, Letran, and UST, and a number of new schools like St. Scholastica's College and San Beda College. Such schools were preferred by the elite. Some private non-sectarian schools were also founded. Reformists such as Felipe Calderon,Hipolito Magsalin, Leon Ma. Guerrero and Mariano V. Del Rosario established the Liceo de Manila and Escuela de Derecho in an attempt to produce a more nationalistic education, but they did not succeed. In general, education under American colonization led to widespread Americanization of the Philippines, with the emphasis on English language and literature, U.S. history and government, the use of American textbooks, and the emphasis on American values.

Japanese occupation
Most schools were damaged during World War II and had to be closed down. In June 1942, the schools were reopened by the Japanese. Their educational policies, as detailed in Military Order No. 2, mandated the teaching of Tagalog, Philippine history, and character education to Filipino students, with emphasis on love for work and dignity of labor.
*  Historical Perspective of the Philippine Educational System
* 2. PRE-MAGELLANIC TIMESReadingwritingithmetic
* 3. PRE-SPANISH SYSTEM The tribal tutors were replaced by the Spanish Missionaries. religion-oriented. It was for the eliteEducational Decree of 1863 municipal government- one primary school for boys and girls in each townJesuits - normal school for male teachers. Primary instruction: free and compulsory. Education inadequate, suppressed, and controlled
* 4. Revolutionary GovernmentThe schools maintained by Spain for more than three centuries were closed for the time being but were reopened on August 29, 1898 by the Secretary of InteriorThe Burgos Institute in Malolos, the Military Academy of Malolos, and...

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