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Instructional Unit Essay

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Instructional Unit Plan
Crystal McClain
MTE 539/Curriculum Constructs and Assessment Secondary Methods
June 27, 2011
Rachel Wurmlinger, Facilitator

Instructional Unit Plan
1. Overview of Unit
A. Title – 20th Century Socialite: The Great Gatsby
B. Focus – English/Language Arts; 11th grade (Honors): The focus of this unit is to introduce students to the characteristics and elements of contemporary American literature and to allow students to relate the themes of the novel, The Great Gatsby, in a meaningful way to increase understanding.
C. Length – 1.25 instructional weeks (six 50-minute sessions)
D. Goals – Students will understand that ...view middle of the document...

➢ Students will break into small groups to complete an anticipation guide before beginning to read Fitzgerald’s TGG.
Instructional Sequence:
Session 1:
1. Standard-keeper reads the stated goal and objectives that is clearly written on the board.
2. Teacher instructs students to take notes as she lectures on and reads the elements of the American novel from Smart Board display.
3. Teacher establishes comprehension by answering any questions.
4. Teacher gives brief introduction and background information about TGG by presenting a PowerPoint presentation. Students are given time to take notes about plot, setting, and characters.
5. After presentation, students watch brief video of Sean Combs and Ashton Kutcher’s Beverly Hills all-white party. Students were instructed to take note of what they see.
6. Students are broken into small groups to discuss the video and complete the anticipation guide.
7. Class unites to discuss anticipation guides. Students are told to copy homework assignment from front board.
8. Student assistant distributes unit study guide and vocabulary sheet for chapters 1 and 2. Book monitors assign and document copies of novels distributed.
9. Students are given five minutes to complete an exit-slip before class dismissal.
Independent Practice/Homework
Read chapters one and two. Complete the vocabulary sheet for the assigned reading and be ready to discuss study guide questions. Warning: There will be a short quiz on your reading.

Lesson Plan #2
Title: Meeting Mr. Gatsby
Time: 50-minute session
Standards: Georgia Performance Standards
ELAALRL1 (a)—Locates and analyzes evidence from text to facilitate comprehension.
ELAALRL2 (a, c)—Applies, identifies, and analyzes themes from work of fiction to gain meaning.
ELAALRL4 (c)—Draw comparisons from text to illustrate writer’s beliefs and generalizations about life.
ELAALR5 (a, c)—Acquires new vocabulary and uses it correctly in reading and writing.
1. When given a quiz about chapters 1 and 2 of TGG, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge about characters, settings, and themes with at least 85% accuracy.
2. After reading a newspaper article, students will make connections between Gatsby and real-life contemporary socialite with 100% accuracy.
• Quiz
• Smart Board technology
• Denise Rich article:
• Vocabulary Sheet (chapter 3)
➢ Students will be given quiz on assigned reading.
➢ Students will read electronic article and discuss connections between Gatsby and actual socialite.

Instructional Sequence:
1. Standards-keeper reads stated goals and objectives as they are written on the board.
2. Students prepare to take quiz by removing all materials from desks. Teacher distributes quiz and allows students ten minutes to complete.
3. Once quizzes are...

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