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There are many sociology and psychology researches about organizational behavior to determine the factors that can make people succeed in their careers. They develop many employee’s behavior tests, which is called instruments, that can help you to match your personality with some possibly appropriate occupations. With such helpfulness that organization behavior can bring to managers as well as employers; undoubtedly, instruments become widespread and approachable for whom want to them to evaluate their selves. Thus, I took 8 instruments that help me to discover what type of person. Those instruments measure my big five personality traitors , motivation, view on the nature of people , ...view middle of the document...

With such high scores in those traits such, it suggests that I could play managerial or leading roles because of my extrovert personality. With conscientiousness, I tend to study and work hard to improve my skill, knowledge as well as my status in a work place.
It seems that all of those are positive personality traits. However, I think they have the downsize aspects. For example, if you are too agreeable and conscientious, people might take advantage of you. People might keep asking for your help and annoy you if you are too enthusiastic to help them out. Actually, I was tricked and backstabbed many times even if I help people around me with genuine intentions. Even if sometimes I know people that I help are not good and they might not help me out if I have issues, I still can’t refuse their requests because I am afraid of creating hostile relationship or suffocated atmosphere.
Relating to myself, I consider I have a good artistic sense in music and an unlimitedly overflowing imagination, and my aspiration is to work in music or movie industry. In contrast, even though my emotional stability and conscientiousness is high, I still think I shouldn’t become politician, police officer, attorney or jurisprudent which acquire the rigidity in making decisions and usually face hostility. Thus, even though I have all good points in those traits, it doesn’t mean that I can do well all of the jobs due to some downsize and of conflicts of my behavior.

The second instrument is to measure what motivate me. It measures what I really concern and need in my future career. It include growth needs ( 18/20) (self esteem and self actualization) Relatedness needs (11/20) (social and status needs) existence needs (9/20) (safety and physiological). I got 18 scores which is quiet high. It means that I lack of self actualization, so I desire to have achievements and highlighted success in my career. Therefore, I need to focus on things that can help me to achieve that growth needs such as develop skills, work hard, maintain independent thoughts, and grasp chance for individual performance that can boost your image as a very self efficient employees.
On the other hand, my other 2 needs score much lower which mean I am somewhat satisfied with those needs (which sounds good to me because I need to focus on developing growth needs only) I think it’s true that I really don’t care about my existence needs. It might be because I was raised up fully in prosperity and I didn’t have to work diligently to earn money for my education due to my family‘s financial support. However, I could be spoiled if I am financially and materially provided in an overwhelm way. In addition, it could be backfiring if I feel self complacent with relatedness needs which can make me become disregardful with social and family relationship; gradually, I might lose friends and have difficulty in finding new relationships.
Thus, if I can have those need fulfilled today, it...

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