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Insulation Essay

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Keeping things warmAim: To find out which of these four materials is a better insulator to water under the same conditions for 5mins the materials are Bubble wrap, Aluminium foil, Cotton wool and Tissue paper.Prediction: I predict that Bubble wrap or cotton wool will be the best insulators due to the fact that they are thicker materials. Bubble wrap also has thick holes, which will trap the heat, but cotton wool is the thickest material so I think that cotton wool will be the best insulator.Plan: For this experiment I will need to get all my required equipment. I will have too had the same amount of water at the same starting temperature. The same length of each material and the tin must be ...view middle of the document...

When the stove is first turned on heat is transferred first by conduction between the element through the bottom of the pot to the water. However, eventually the water starts bubbling - these bubbles are actually local regions of hot water rising to the surface, thereby transferring heat from the hot water at the bottom to the cooler water at the top by convection. At the same time, the cooler, more dense water at the top will sink to the bottom, where it is subsequently heated. These are convection currents. Convection is the transfer of heat energy in a liquid or a gas.Here are some examples of convection taking placeConduction:The flow of heat by conduction occurs via collisions between atoms and molecules in the substance and the subsequent transfer of kinetic energy.In metals, the dominant method of conduction is through the movement of electrons. This method of conduction does not operate in non-metals because there are no free electrons (other than graphite). When a metal is heated, the electrons closest to the heat source vibrate more rapidly. Electrons then collide with these atoms and gain more kinetic energy. The electrons therefore move around faster and collide with other free electrons, which then gain more kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is therefore transferred between the electrons and through the metal from the point closest to the heat source towards points futher away. The electrons all travel very short distances but are very fast moving therefore conduction of heat happen very quickly.In metals and in insulators, there is conduction of heat due to the vibration of the atoms. As atoms closest to the heat source absorb heat/thermal energy, they make their neighbouring atoms vibrate more rapidly...

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