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INT1 Task 3
Task 3 Topic: How do different levels of salt water affect magnet strength?

Candyce Eckert
Western Governors University
WGU Student ID: 000431193

There will be a total of five 500 ml water samples that are at 75°F and that will have different amounts of salt ranging from 0 ml, 25 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 400 ml that will be mixed in a glass container with a one inch high marking noted on the side. Fifteen magnetic paper clips will be laid on the bottom of the container after the solution is mixed. A magnet will then be submersed into the salt solution to the one inch high marking dictated on the side for thirty seconds ...view middle of the document...

25 paperclips versus 9 in the water.
Further expanding on the subject of magnetism in water, an article by author Ori states “water is diamagnetic,” exhibiting a weak magnetic field. (2015) additionally, salt water weakens the magnetic field even more. (Ori, 2015) Through these previous experiments and article, the probability that the hypothesis of higher concentrations of salt water will weaken the magnetic strength is validated.

Salt water solution will be made in five different concentrations as follows:
1. Gather supplies.
2. Make a one inch high mark labeled by a piece of tape on the side of the glass container.
3. Pour 500 ml of bottled water into the glass container.
4. Ensure that the water temp is at 75 degrees
5. Measure salt and mixed with water thoroughly with a wooden spoon in the glass container to make a homogenous solution.
a. First solution (control solution)- 500 ml of water and 0 ml of salt
b. Second solution- 500 ml of water 25 ml of salt
c. Third solution-500 ml of water and 100 ml of salt
d. Fourth solution-500 ml of water and 200 ml of salt
e. Fifth solution-500 ml of water and 400 ml of salt
6. After solution is made, place the fifteen paper clips on the bottom of the glass container.
7. Carefully submerse a magnet into the solution to the one inch high line denoted on the side of the glass container for thirty seconds.
8. After thirty seconds withdraw the magnet and any paper clips it has attracted.
9. Count and record the amount of paper clips. The strength of the magnet is determined by the number of paper clips collected.
10. Do this three times for each solution so the tester will be able to derive an average.
11. Clean solution-filled glass container out and repeat with different concentration of salt water mixture.

The reasoning for this experiment is based on the density of water when increasing the amount of salt to the water. Furthermore, salt water weakens the magnetic field even more which will decrease magnet strength with the addition of more salt. (Ori, 2015)

The strength of the magnet is determined by how many paper clips it attracts after it is held in the salt water solution for thirty seconds.
1. Before beginning experiment, make sure that a one inch high mark is presented by a piece of tape on the side of the glass container so the tester knows how far to submerge the magnet.
2. A solution of salt and water is made, where the water is at 75 degrees and there is a varying amount of salt in each.
3. After solution is made, add the fifteen paperclips to the bottom of the glass container. (These are the items that are going to be measured.)
4. Submerge magnet into the water only until the one inch high marking marked on the side of the container.
5. Start stopwatch and allow for thirty seconds to be submerged....

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