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TAYO O. ADEYEMI The Builders Mind. Vol. 1 No. 1 9/28/2014

Integrated Building Services installation in Floors



Integrated Building Services installation in Floors

1.0 Floor Systems Floor structures comprise beams and slabs. The beams are attached to Columns that are placed in the optimum locations for effective use of the space. Column-free space has become an important design requirement in modern commercial buildings to achieve flexibility in use. Many long-span beam systems have been developed with spans of up to 18 m, which means that internal columns are ...view middle of the document...

Decking is usually placed soon after the steelwork is erected.


Integrated Building Services installation in Floors

1.2 Service Integration

Despite the move to greater energy efficiency in buildings and, where possible, the use of natural ventilation strategies, most large commercial buildings will continue to require some form of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning. The provision for such systems is of critical importance as it affects the layout and type of members chosen in the structure. The basic decision to either integrate the services within the structural depth or to suspend the services below the structure affects the choice of structure, the fire protection system, the cladding details and the overall building height. The most commonly used systems are the Variable Air Volume system (VAV) and the Fan Coil (FCU) system. VAV systems are often used in buildings with single owner occupiers, because of their lower running costs. FCU systems are often used in speculative commercial buildings because of their lower capital costs. Generally, a zone of 450 mm permits services to be suspended below the structure. An additional 150-200 mm is usually allowed for fire protection, ceiling and lighting units and a nominal structural deflection (25 mm). Terminal units (FCU or VAV units) are located between the steel beams where space is available. Some under-floor systems provide conditioned air through a raised floor. Service integration is achieved by passing services through penetrations in the steel beams. These may be in the form of individual openings in rolled steel beams, or multiple regular or irregular openings in fabricated beams.


Integrated Building Services installation in Floors

Cellular beams provide regular circular openings in the web, which are created by welding together two parts of a rolled steel section. The top and bottom steel sections may be cut from different sizes and from different beams in even different steel grades (hybrid sections). This allows both an efficient solution for service integration as well as an increase of bending resistance and stiffness. Elongated openings may also be created, as illustrated in Figure 2.2. Integrated floor systems are of the minimum structural depth, and provide for flexibility in service distribution, as illustrated in Figure 2.3. Other innovative forms of...

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