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Integrated Communication Essay

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To get started with the assignment our group named Colossal, went to visit Letsema Communications, a public relations agency, to discuss how to develop a communication strategy and plan. We also discussed the breach between theory and practice and what we can expect once we graduated.

For the theory we studied Corporate Communication Strategy by Benita Steyn and Gustav Puth and implemented it on the way Letsema Communications is doing business. We will thoroughly discuss all steps and aspects covered in the communication strategy and planning models developed by Steyn and Puth (2000:62; 82).

Letsema – in Sotho, means a number of people coming together for a common goal, a specific ...view middle of the document...

The foundation for all of our work at Letsema Communications is strategy. This means that at the commencement of all client relationships Letsema Communications works with clients to put together a comprehensive strategy that clearly defines objectives for the year, target audiences and messages. This strategy must link directly to the business objectives of the client and must also include a clear means of calculating return on investment in relation to meeting the strategic objectives.

SWOT analysis

Environmental factors that are internally important to the firm can be classified into strengths and weaknesses, and those factors that have an external influence on the agency can be classified as opportunities and threats.

According to QuickMBA a SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching a firm’s resources and capabilities to the environment in which it operates.

In our visit to Letsema Communications we found that their strengths are that they are relatively new and unique. Letsema Communications specializes in strategy formulation and return on investments. Employees have good working relations with a variety of distribution channels – they have an extensive government, business and community network. Present clients are long-term clients and satisfied with the work they have received.

In assessing weaknesses, a weakness may be observed when particular strengths are missing. In Letsema Communication’s case a weakness can be viewed as over specialization – there is a large part of the industry they are not covering.

When an external environmental analysis is conducted certain opportunities can arise for the growth and profit increase. New technologies can fill customer needs to a certain extent and becoming aware of unfulfilled customer needs.

Threats can be detected when change in the environment occur.

Consumer analysis

According to the Marketing Site, Professor Philip Kotler teaches us that marketing comes first. Marketing plans usually starts with examining the consumer and their possible needs closer.

The objective of a consumer analysis is to identify segments or groups within a population, with related needs so that the marketing efforts can be directly aimed to achieve these desired objectives.

According to Letsema Communications, a consumer analysis of a company’s performances should also be conducted by a specialist market research company, especially when the company operates in the retail or Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) part of the industry. Where the company has a very specific type of consumer, Letsema Communications could elect to conduct a survey or customer interviews. Here each customer or a sample group of customer would be contacted to be asked a variety of questions relating to their perceptions of the client’s brand, communication etc. These answers would then be analyzed and collected – a comprehensive feedback report developed with a number of recommendations...

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