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Why do we need these references?

Basically, BA 125 is all about Management Information Systems (MIS), thus we need these references: Management Information Systems for the Information Age (Haag and Cummings, 2010), Database Management Essential Concepts and Techniques in Microsoft Access 2007 (Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat, 2010), and Systems Analysis and Design (Shelly, Cashman, Rosenblatt). All of these books revolve around the concept of MIS which refers to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools to organize, evaluate, and efficiently manage departments within an organization. It can include software that helps in decision making, data resources such as databases, the hardware resources of a system, decision support systems, people management and project management applications, ...view middle of the document...

that are useful in the business environment especially for us business students. It is also filled with real world stories of companies and how they have improved their competitive positions using information technology, where we can get lessons and techniques that we can apply in the future. There are also projects that require the creation of database reports or spread sheet pivot tables which can enhance your database skills. The second reference is specifically about Microsoft Access 2007, one of the software used in database management. This reference is very useful because it presents the basics of creating and maintaining a database. It also teaches us how to put tables, add queries, enter criteria, filter, sort, update content and a lot more to improve the database. The steps are also presented screen-by-screen for easier and better understanding. We need this reference so that we can properly build a database that is useful in managing company profiles, information and other records, not only that, but also a database that will suit the company’s needs and to reach their desired objective. Lastly, the third reference is about information technology and systems development and also emphasizes the role of the system analyst and their interaction with users, management, and other people in the organization in the world of business. By using this book, we can learn how to integrate and decode business records into a more useful and efficient information system that can be used to support a company’s objectives, may they be short or long term. It helps us understand methods, analysis and certain project management that can be combined to build an information system that can be fully utilized. In conclusion, these books work hand-in-hand for us to understand and efficiently make use of MIS in the business environment and beyond.

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