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Integrative Approaches To Psychology And Christianity: An Introduction

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity allowed me to comprehend fully the past occurrences of psychology and theology. The book displayed the faith and confidence that both psychology and Christianity must be combined in order for it to have a better understanding and allowing the client a better chance of healing. In order to do this there must be a complete understanding of each component in and of itself. Entwistle’s (2010) book presented all the facts from history as it has shaped society today (pp. 18-34). As he discussed these historic events, it shows just how the wisdom that is held today is a reflection or reaction of what happened then. ...view middle of the document...

The incorporation of psychology and theology makes for a great pair in assisting people with an assortment of problems. He emphasizes the magnitude in the ever-evolving worldviews towards the end of the book and even provides an example for all to pursue. It would be useful when assisting clients or daily interaction with others. The practice of integrating the approaches between psychology and Christianity is the outcome that has taken complete form from psychology and the truth that God has given to humankind (the Bible).
The theories, worldviews and sinful intentions that have been established throughout the society will provide certain obstacles for the integration of psychology and Christianity from individual and business perspectives. The main goal of both secular psychology and Christianity is to help individuals to prevail over any issues or circumstances in their lives. Any recipients of the secularisms and Christianity itself, should look past their self-images and focus on the task, which is helping man through the difficult times in their lives. The application of theology and psychology can produce miracles in individual’s lives. It seems as if the purpose of this book is to provide a universal guidance toward the advancement of humanity’s overall state of being.
Concrete Responses
I never realized that the views that I had of the world, my upbringing and my surroundings were completely based on lies. I thought most people lived the same life as me and experienced it as I did. It was not until I got much older and experienced life outside of my comfort zone that I began to realize that my perception is not the same of the world. From my point of view of the world, my latter actions were drastically effected. As the author points out, I did not realize that my window or view of the world would be so distinctively different from others and I would not find out until I grew much older in age (Entwistle, 2010, p. 55).
My mother who was a single parent raised me. I am the youngest of four children but I have a different father from my siblings. My mother never married my father but they were engaged for a short period. Everything my mother did was because she was a single parent and she had to do everything by herself. Therefore, I grew up with the mainframe that was how it was supposed to be. My mother dated men over a period but never settled down. This was my perception of the world; women date men, have their children and raise them by themselves. Being independent was something that I admired about my mother and I thought that was the way to live.
The truth of the fallacy of my worldview did not present itself to me until August 2008. I had been married to my 13-year-old daughters’ father for about a year at this time when God opened my eyes to the attack of the enemy on my marriage. Before getting married, I was very independent and felt as though I did not need a man to do anything for me,...

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