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Integrity/Crucible Essay

753 words - 4 pages

David Young

Mrs. Anderson

English III

21 January 2009


Integrity is a virtue, which can be described as the honesty of one’s own character and commitment to self-values. This can be connected to the characters within The Crucible through those who were accused of utilization of witchcraft. Some confessed when they were some did when they; however, were not guilty. Whether or not these people had integrity can be decided by life style and choices made by him/her throughout every day situations and circumstances.

There are quite a few ways to view a person’s integrity. Some qualities that a person of integrity possesses are honesty, the ability ...view middle of the document...

Even though he knows what is right and that they are innocent he won't because it would ruin the integrity of the court, and his own morality.

Characters who admitted to being witches when; however, they were not, are people who have little to no integrity in general. This can be proven correct by the fact that in life they make decisions that benefit themselves, and not decisions that build character and advantageous morality.

Character’s who stuck to the precise truth, and did not admit to what they were accused, display great amounts of integrity. They are willing to make the right decisions even when they have to pay the ultimate price for the probity of their actions, their own life.

Abigail is a character of exceedingly low integrity, not only does she lie, she does it very frequently. This shows that lying is a major part of her character and every day way of life. Since she continually lies she has little to no integrity. Also, another example of weak integrity is portrayed well through the character of Mary Warren. Mary had been accused of being a witch by Abigail and instead of...

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