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Intellectual Curiosity. Where Would We Be Without It?

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Intellectual Curiosity. Where would we be without it?

In my opinion intellectual curiosity forms the basis of all education whether in junior infants or leaving cert. Throughout life we ask ourselves and our peers a variety of different questions. I believe that life is filled with mystery, and for many people, just trying to navigate the treacherous waters of our existence is a frustrating and even frightening thing. Terrible things happen for which there are no simple answers to explain them. Wars and disease. Tornados and typhoons. Even our own bodies begin to betray us as we age. There are lots of questions that plague our minds causing grief and stress as we make our way through this jungle known as life. For many of us, if we could just get some ...view middle of the document...

Everyone has their own outlook on life and I think that the only person that can answer this question is you. There are so many other questions such as, is there a God? Why is there suffering and death? Do I really have a soul mate? If we weren’t curios none of these questions would be asked. Teachers would never have to try and answer them but we are curios and I think that is why education is there, not just so we can get a good job and have a living but to be curios and to let us be curios.

Imagine a 2nd class teacher. The children they teaches are probably some of the most curios in the world. My nephew is in 2nd class and he has so many questions, why do clouds move? Why do you blink? Can T.V’s explode? Is the boogieman real? How many stars are in the sky? These are just a few of the many questions he asks me and who knows how many more he’s going to come up with. Do you think if he wasn’t curious he wouldn’t be asking all these questions? Have you ever met a young child that doesn’t ask questions? If you have I’d definitely like to meet them.

Intellectual curiosity is the reason we have all of our luxuries today. Do you think we would have televisions, electricity, jacuzzi’s, even toilets if people like Marconi, Thomas Edison, Roy Jacuzzi or J.F Brondel weren’t curios? We wouldn’t be able to fly halfway across the world in less then a day if the airplane wasn’t invented, if the Wright Brothers weren’t curios. So in conclusion I think curiosity is one of the most important traits in anyone’s personality and education is even more important. It lets a person explore the world around them and everything in it. Think about it, if we weren’t curios things would be a little bit boring. We wouldn’t have anything to learn in school, we would never question anything and that’s what we’re here for.

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