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Intellectual Property Essay

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Intellectual Property
Stephanie Brandon
MGT320 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
Dr. Rogers
November 10, 2013

This will be a short essay describing intellectual property (IP). The writer will explain the need for protection and ethical issue that may arise when IP is involved.

Intellectual Property
A thought or an image made into a creation others to use is a fitting description for intellectual property (IP). Just as any other property, IP needs protection from the evil of the world. Unfortunately, there is always someone waiting to profit from another person’s hard work and dedication. In order to protect IP the law provides patents, copyrights, ...view middle of the document...

infringing 10 patents. It was not long before Apple Inc. began winning the countersuits against them, causing Samsung product to be pull from the shelves (Parish, 2012). The lawsuits between the two electronic companies where taking place all over the world. The claims became bigger over time between Apple Inc. and Samsung. It seem as though in was a battle that may never end. At times Apple Inc. would lose, then Samsung would lose, it went back and forth for months, then years.
Finally, in August 2012 a verdict was announced and Samsung was found guilty of infringing on 5 Apple Inc. patents. Apple Inc. was reward a total of $1,049,343,540, of course Samsung did not accept this, and they planned to fight the decision (Smith, 2012). A year later Samsung is still fight and finally is heard, in November 2013 the two head back to court. However, during the year the judge reduces the amount of the judgment to $600 million (Chen, 2013). This seems to be a battle that will always go on; the two companies are due back in court in March 2014, in relation to a different set of Apple Inc. patents and a new line of products (Chen, 2013).
Lawsuits like this described can go on...

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