Interactive Class Essay

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.Reality shows have become a part of our daily dose of entertainment.

.Hospitalisation of one participant who went into depression after bowing out of a
reality show.

.Reality shows meant for children really good or are they initiating a trend that we may
regret later.

Key Points:

.Today’s children have better platform by way of these shows to showcase their talent.

.Overambitious and pushy parents as well as the insensitive television producers.


.Reality shows provide a better platform than days of yore where one had a very small
chance of being noticed unless one had exceptional talent and the understanding to make it big.Now there are multiple ...view middle of the document...

There will be several episodes and several rounds of performances or display.Apart from the winner, who basks in the glory, there are several others who are criticised and ridiculed in front of others and a nationwide audience.And if ridicule or rebuke is what they get as a performance appraisal, it can be devastating for their self-confidence.

.Reality shows promote unhealthy interpersonal rivalry among children.

.Children should compete, but a competition that has been twisted out of proportion to make for
interesting and arresting viewing should be shunned altogether.

.It is often the case that parents want to live out their unfulfilled desires through their children or rake in the fame and money as well.

.Children are subjected to torturously long working hours, including recordings and other constant rehearsals for various promotional programmes..No matter whether children win or lose, it affects them significantly.Reality shows should maintain the dignity attached to art of any genre.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Interactive Learning Environment
Interactive learning in the classroom help students prepare more successfully for the outside world than those who do not. Engaged learners who actively participate in their own education are more apt to remember more from a lesson and then transfer newly acquired skills to different situations.

Interactive learning in a classroom is to maintain a teaching style, like the Socratic Method, that encourages healthy debate between students and the teacher. Although it may sound simple, it is hard to actually foster an atmosphere in which students feel free to question authority because they fear reprisal or embarrassment. The development of true critical-thinking skills, however, requires just such an open and honest exchange of ideas. 

Discussion in class is one of the interactive learning during lectures. When the lecturer ask his/her students to discuss about a specific topic in class, it will helps to motivate students toward further learning, to allow students to apply information in new settings, or to develop students' thinking skills, then discussion is preferable to lecture. 

Students are able to express out their own opinions during the class. They will have chance to talk in front of their friends and lecturer. So it will help them to gain self confidence to talk. Interactive environment is good for the learners to present themselves in front of everyone where this is the time to train them to be courage enough for their future work or career presentation. 

It motivates students and helps them to improve their communication skills with people. So they can be more active during class. Furthermore, it allows lecturers to make effective use of classroom resources. Lecturers will be able to analyze his/her students learning capacity easily. The feedback from student will be as...

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