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Now that we have completed the introductory period of employment and completed all necessary training regarding our product line with the sales team for InterClean, careful consideration needs to be put into place regarding the evaluation of performance and career methods. According to Cascio (1996) Performance Management requires the willingness and a commitment to focus on improving performance at the level of the individual or team every day. With that in mind we want to focus on an evaluation method that would result in timely feedback regarding performance while continuing to focus on the sales goals of the company.
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We feel that along with performance management tools and expanding core competencies, this will enable us to keep our focus of commitment to the Career Development Plan.
The Career Development Plan is the ongoing acquisition or refinement of skills and knowledge along with professional development and career planning activities. Job mastery skills are also necessary to successfully perform the employee’s job. Professional development skills and knowledge that go beyond the scope of the employee’s job description, although they may indirectly improve job performance. Since this is an ongoing process, we will outline the guiding principles for career development below:
• Current information about the organizations future trends helps create more realistic career development goals.
• Focus on skill development contributions to learning opportunities.
• Opportunities for promotion and/or lateral moves contribute to the employee’s career satisfaction.
• A greater sense of responsibility for managing one’s career contributes to self-confidence.
• Career planning and development clarifies the match between organizational and individual employee goals.
• Consider a cost-effective approach by using your own staff talent to provide career development opportunities within your sales department.
• Career development increases employee motivation and productivity.
• Attention to career development helps you attract top staff and retain valued employees.
• Conduct an individual development plan and career discussion with employees and require other departments to comply.
• Hold supervisors accountable for supporting employee development efforts.
• Create programs and activities to provide skill development, cross-training, mentoring, internships, coaching, and career strategy groups.
• Recognize that your sales role includes providing support to the organization.
• Serve as a role model by participating in career and professional development opportunities.
• Support lateral moves within your department or organization.
• Help employee’s develop realistic career goals based on the organizations needs and development plans.
• Provide frequent feedback in a way that fosters development.
• Conduct performance appraisals that define strengths, weaknesses and career development needs.
• Relating current performance to future potential in realistic ways.
• Use an individual development plan as a tool for continual feedback and development.
• Take initiative to assess skills and interests and seek development activities that match needs.
• Work to identify future training and developmental objectives.
• Encourage growth and career development of all employees.
• Improve skills and knowledge that is applicable to organization.
• Increase motivation and job satisfaction.
• Create a network for an employee to problem solve and provide support.
• Promote communication and...

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