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Interclean Memo Essay

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July 27, 2010
MEMO TO: Supervisory Team
FROM: Oswald V White
Good afternoon team, as we all know our company is in the mists of a merger that will take place with Enviro Tech. I wanted examine a few items with my team so that we can all be on same accord. The items that I wanted to discuss are, the importance how a manager’s behavior can affect the productivity of his or her workers, the types of management action that align with employment laws and the best practices for working within a diverse work environment.
We all must understand that our behavior affect everyone, my behavior affect the supervisor team, your behavior affects your workers and your workers behavior will ...view middle of the document...

These laws are all federal and state employment laws that govern all employment actions from hiring and firing. It would behoove all my managers to be trained on the basic information that can be attained from these state and federal laws. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from discriminating in hiring and firing, compensation based on someone’s race, religion, sex or, national origin. The family and Medical Leave Act states that eligible employee can have up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave for
personal or family medical reason while protecting them from employers terminating them. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act states that employer cannot discriminate against employees older than 40. The American with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against employees with disabilities. It requires that employer make reasonable accommodation for those employees who request it due to their

disability. The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act also
known as Military Leave makes it illegal for employees to take action against an employee who volunteers of is called to active military duty. The Occupational Safety and Health Act request that employer operate a safe and hazard free environment. The Immigration Reform and Control act makes it illegal to hire any illegal aliens. Manager should know and adhere to all these laws so that everyone will have a safe and worry free environment.
With a growing society we must as a team, learn the best practices for working within a diverse work environment. We all know...

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