Interclean Performance And Career Management Plan

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InterClean Performance and Career Management Report

Executive Summary
With the implementation of our new strategy, it is important that we maximize the performance of our employees and ensure that each of their career paths is aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. A sound performance and career management plan is an integral part of our employees’ growth and development. Individual and team performance drive our success as a company. This helps us achieve our vision, to be the best in our industry at providing full-range cleaning service packages to our clientele.
My report discusses the following aspects of the plan: feedback given to each employee, how each employee ...view middle of the document...

Discrepancies between self-ratings and ratings received from multiple sources highlight an employee’s needs for development. It also serves to motivate individuals to improve their performance.

We will give formal feedback and appraisal twice. The employee sets his or her goals at the beginning of the year. The first formal appraisal is the midterm feedback, six months later. The second formal appraisal is at the end of the year. Between formal appraisals, we will have informal progress reviews.

Employees are to use these formal and informal sessions to communicate their work needs and requirements to improve their performance. These discussions also serve to inform the employee on his or her progress toward accomplishing his or her goals.

Level of Performance

For employees to reach a higher level of performance, we must define performance, facilitate performance, and encourage performance (Cascio, 2005).

From the defining performance perspective, leaders that set challenging goals clarifies the performance expectations and also directs attention to the specific performance an employee is trying to achieve. This leads to higher levels of performance from individuals who know exactly what is expected of them. Studies have shown that this leads to increase in productivity by an average of 10 percent.

To set up our employees for success we must eliminate roadblocks that hinder performance and provide them the necessary tools (training and materials) to accomplish the job. This eliminates frustration and disenchantment while fostering good consistent performance.

To encourage repeated good performance from our employees, we have a rewards program in place. Our top performers are recognized through our Achievement Award program. This recognition entitles employees to merit increases in pay, paid time-off from work, and or special company privileges.

Opportunities for Advancement

Promotions and educational opportunities are available. Promotions are for top performers that have a proven track record of outstanding performance. Leaders are responsible for identifying employees who are ready to take on more responsibilities, and therefore deserving of advancement. Educational opportunities are for all employees. Our tuition assistance program covers 100% of the cost to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees. Tuition assistance is also available for certification courses offered through extension classes at the local colleges. (Does this take into account the fact that you have no budget?)

Flexible Opportunities

For our dual-career parents, we have family-support mechanisms integrated into our business. InterClean provides an onsite childcare center. For those who need elder care or other dependent care, the company defrays the cost by...

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