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Interclean Training And Mentoring Essay

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InterClean, Inc merged with EnviroTech, Inc to move into solution-based company and gain competitive advantage in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. We want to grow and have continued success through the creativity, teamwork and customer satisfaction. I would like my new team to be proficient sales force with excellent customer satisfaction rate in addition to the aggressive sales effectiveness. My report will identify the training needs of each individual in our team and will determine objectives that can be measurable and observable in order to achieve the desired results of training process.
The New Training and Mentoring Needs
1. Management Training Needs Analysis
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10 10 5 6
Time management and being effective and productive.
8 8 9 9
Total ( Scores are 1-10, lowest scores are subject for Training priorities)
53 53 58 53

According to the analysis, for Mark Pierce and Dennis White the training priorities must concentrate on:
• customer care and building long-term relationship issues
• knowledge in industrial cleaning and sanitation industry including regulations and compliance issues.

According to the analysis, for Eric Burden and Terry Garcia, the training priorities must concentrate on:
• closing and completing deals
• researching and getting information about prospective and existing customers
Objectives of the Training and Mentoring Program
The objectives of training will focus on the training needs analysis to determine what knowledge must be acquired by sales force after completing the necessary training.
Managers, by the end of the “Developing training and mentoring effectively” training must have complete knowledge about training techniques and ability to mentor effectively sales team and new hires. The training and mentoring program is very important and must be achieved by managers as soon as possible to implement their proficiency so that the transition will be smooth and seamless.
By the end of the Developing Customer Relationship Training, Mark Pierce and Dennis White will:
• Establish and maintain customer relationships. Ability to respond to general inquiries or complaints from customers, to define problems, follow-up and solve problems to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Understand the value of long-term customer relationship
By the end of the Solution-based selling and compliance issues training Mark Pierce and Dennis White will:
• Read manual prepared by Compliance team to learn about compliance issues and technical specifics concerning environmental regulations and sanitation standards.
• Develop customized packages of cleaning solutions and systems in order to meet customer’s increasing need in solution-based selling.
By the end of the Outside Sales Training, Eric Burden and Terry Garcia will:
• Excel selling and demonstrating products and services
• Learn the better selling techniques in a more aggressive way to close and complete deals
• Invest in getting information for new and existing customers
Performance Standards
Standards are the minimum observable and acceptable standards that trainees must meet for the new performance to be adequate.
Delivery Methods
The training methods must meet our training budget and sales representative’s availability to attend the training programs. The training is costly and time-consuming for our sales department. However, I would like all sales force to have necessary knowledge in new products and services and ability to understand importance of teamwork and customer relationship. Following training methods will be used in order to achieve our training and mentoring goals.

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