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Interclean Training And Mentoring Program Essay

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University of Phoenix/HRM531
Career Development Plan Part II – Development of a Training and Mentoring Program.

The merger of InterClean and EnviroTech presents us with an opportunity to provide products and services unparalleled in our industry. In order to properly prepare our sales team to meet the needs of the organization, InterClean must develop a comprehensive training and mentoring program that will introduce the new products and services to our sales team and possibly learn something new about our existing products. The course will review the company mission; introduce the new products and services and define the benefits to our clients; cover how to build positive client ...view middle of the document...

The sixth, seventh, and eighth weeks will review how to develop opportunities utilizing new sales tactics, each salesperson will participate in practice scenarios with his or her mentor and other sales team members. This will develop client interaction including frequently asked questions from new clients and how to correctly communicate if the answer is not immediately known. Performance standards and the bonus structure will also be reviewed.
In order to cover the material required the training will move quickly. Please take a moment to review the schedule and ensure that it coincides with your personal life. Make any schedule arrangements the first week of course, to ensure you are receiving all the training that you need. There will be opportunities twice a week to leave one hour early or stay for one on one training on that day’s subject. If a salesperson believes they require additional assistance one on one training with the trainer or another teammate is recommended. There will be graded written assessments and critical peer performance assessments. Here is a more detailed look at the next five weeks.
Week one will begin with the employees in the classroom, learning about their responsibilities as an InterClean salesperson. Job descriptions will be reviewed that will detail salesperson responsibilities within the organization. They will spend time with their mentor creating a personal development plan that defines goals and objectives, the sales staff will participate in team building exercises both off and onsite, and review the organizations mission statement during a 60 minute question and answer session with Jim Martin, Vice President of Sales.
Week two will begin with a review of the current line of chemicals, then through the use of a series of slide shows and examples, this week will focus on: use of each chemical, breakdown of the ingredients, safety requirements, and protective equipment regulated by OSHA, cost and outcome of choosing each chemical. Tuesday and Thursday after course coaching is available. A written examination will be administered on Monday of the third week to access transfer of knowledge, a passing grade of 80% is required.
Week three will begin with a review of the chemicals, how they are applied, including hands on training providing each salesperson the opportunity to use the lines of chemicals they will be selling. A certified chemical cleaning technician will teach the sales team how each chemical works in the real world. There will be opportunity for questions and coaching on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday there will be a written assessment; a passing grade of 80% is required and a presentation showing how one of the cleaning agents is used. The presentation will involve teaching the sales team how to use one of InterClean’s chemicals.
Weeks four and five will be held in the classroom and review the new service plans offered by InterClean. Basic cleaning chemicals are used in every company,...

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