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Intercultural Paper Anjali Wallace Mount Vernon Nazarene University BBA009NW ABT3073 Business Communications December 14, 2008 Intercultural Paper Intercultural awareness is something that the Nike Shoe Company has come to realize is very important when it comes to marketing their shoes. The Nike company is known for their shoes globally and other products. The Chinese government banned a commercial featuring Lebron James due to it offending “national dignity” (CBC News, 2004). According to the China Daily, the commercial titled “Chamber of Fear” featured Lebron battling a cartoon kung-fu master, two women in traditional Chinese attire, and two dragons. All of which are ...view middle of the document...

Another blogger felt the commercial displayed America defeating China and that is why there was an outcry among the Chinese people (2007). Now, would America have made such an outcry if the Whitehouse or other icons been defeated; one might come to the conclusion as no. Americans take pride in their country, but not in historical icons as much as other cultures. Today many companies are working and collaborating with international companies. It is important that every company respects other cultural backgrounds. There are many programs, trainings, and policies that companies put into place to help this occur. Asperian Global’s GlobeSmart program is made to help companies inform their employees about other cultures (Hamm, 2008). It is designed to help managers train their employees about different cultures. The GlobeSmart program is an online learning tool that incorporates all aspects of a culture. “These days, many large companies ask their widely scattered employees to bridge far wider chasms—learning to collaborate with co-workers in different cultures, for instance, or communicate with partners or make sales pitches to customers, no matter where they are in the world (Hamm, 2008).” The program is digital and accessible online to exist in the new era of technology and to allow frequent updates about specific cultural backgrounds. One would start with a personal assessment of themselves answering basic questions. They are then allowed to view the answers of similar questions made by colleagues or other people from different cultural backgrounds. The site has a portion devoted to general advice and has most recently added a set of tutorials on how to interact with specific...

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