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Interest Groups Essay

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An interest group, also known as lobbies group, or special group; is an organized group that is determined to encourage or prevent changes in public policy without any interest or attempts to be elected. Such groups are formed among individuals who share common ideas, views, beliefs, and commands; where they work hard in trying to influence government officials' decision making by presenting their ideas and beliefs directly to them (Wilson, 2009).
There are countless interest groups that exist in the United States today, and there are several reasons behind their rapid growth and existence. One is the diversity of our nation and large amounts of immigrants from all over the world; having ...view middle of the document...

The incentives some individuals may be seeking are Solidary, Material, or Purposive; and the members' involvement in pursuing certain goals a specific groups might have depends greatly on the type of incentive they are after. Those with Material and Solidary incentives are a lot more likely to have little or no active roles in what their group does and accomplishes; whereas members with Purposive incentive tend to be more passionate about their beliefs and goals, and much more likely to play an active role in the group (Wilson, 2009).
The groups that are currently existing in the United States are probably countless, between those that are formally and informally organized groups, but to name a few and their purposes, some of the impressive and admirable groups is the Advocates for Youth Organization. An organized group which was established in 1980, to help young people and adolescents make informed decisions about their sexuality and responsibilities toward sexual health. Their core values, which they refer to as The 3Rs, are the Rights of the knowledge and education on sexual and reproductive health, Respect of the youth and their choices while making and implementing policies regarding those matters, and Responsibility of our society to help inform, guide and emphasize the youngsters of their own responsibilities toward their own health, as well as others they come in contact with (Advocates for Youth).
AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families is another organization which was formed to serve as the voice of women and children who are living with HIV and AIDS, and whose members also are health care providers and researchers, as well as victims of this disease and their families. AIDS Alliance is a very strong advocate in Washington D.C for the support and care of women and children affected by AIDS and HIV, and are heard in the debates of public policy (AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families).
There are also hundreds of Anti-Abortion groups and leagues that exist today; in the United States and across the world. Pro-Life Action League is one of those groups, which was founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980, the National Director of Pro-Life Action League in Chicago. The main mission of the league is to bring awareness to the public through the media, with the goal of stopping abortion through activism. The League's main activities include their presence outside abortion clinics where they pray and try to reach out to women to provide them with other alternative in the effort to try and alter their decision. Monthly public protest take place, where graphic abortion pictures and signs are displayed by abortion clinics and busy areas to help maximize the exposure to the public. Confronting the abortionists is administered everywhere pro-abortion is found; supporting politicians are pressured to vote against it. Promoting and training activists on how to go about their mission of saving the lives of the unborn; as...

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