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Intergrated Hr System Essay

1050 words - 5 pages

Integrated Human Resources System
By: Leonard Santos

BSA 375 – Business Systems Development

University of Phoenix

26 January 2009

Section 2 of the Individual Project Assignment

Introduction 4

Information Gathering Techniques 5

Design Methods 5

Measures of Success 6

Project Feasibility 6

Conclusion 9

Appendix A 10
Process Flow 10
Data Flow Diagram 11

References 12


A professor of chemistry, Dr. Riordan was the founder of Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. He obtained several high tensile strength plastic substrates patents. In 1991, Dr. Riordan started Riordan Plastics, Inc. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with ...view middle of the document...

Once identified, a team of database analysts will need to scrub the data eliminating duplicate entries. This will ensure all the data that will migrate over to the new system is as accurate as possible. A diagram of the network infrastructure for each site along with how each plant is networked together will need to be created and submitted. If a particular site is currently not interconnected that site will need to be within the network prior to testing. The strength of the network foundation will help determine the type of system that will be implemented. If the network infrastructure will not support the amount of data traffic then the new software tool will not be effective. Once all the above data is received a list of software applications that will both meet the requirements of the Human Resources department and the network data capacity.

Design Methods

A Human Resource Information System tool in which all the data is interfaced between all site locations and platforms will need to be implemented. This tool will provide instant data access via the web or a client install. It will be permission based; meaning each person who has access to the system will have their own assigned permissions. Managers and above will only have access to their staff’s portfolio. This will help maintain the integrity of each employee’s personal data. This data tool will need to be a web based application that can be maintained by on-site staff with vendor support if needed. The Information Services assigned analyst will need to have the training, by the vendor, in order to accommodate all issues or environment changes.

Measures of Success

Post implementation analysis will be conducted after the project is completed. This analysis will help produce:
â–ª Time saved
â–ª Speed of information retrieval
â–ª Operational budget savings
â–ª Maintenance plan savings

Project Scope and Goals

The Objective of this implementation is to integrate a system wide web based application. This system integration will support the objectives of the Business Systems and Processes Integration. The Goal is to interface all Human Resource data, provide employee training and create a maintenance plan.

Project Feasibility

The feasibility of this project is dependant on the following factors: Meet all timelines, stay within budget, set go/no go dates, upgrade network infrastructure and provide post...

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