Intergrative Network Design Project Essay

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Integrative Network Design Project: Part 1

Michael Thibodeaux

Instructor Matt Henwood

The virtual organization I choose was Kudler Fine Foods, mainly for my experience with this organization in previous classes. Upon research I found that Kudler is in serious need of updated networks as their current systems are border line obsolete and extremely inefficient. Over the next few weeks a plan will be formulated to be put into action to remedy this. This being part 1 I will discuss the general outline to this plan as well as evaluate Kudler’s current system and setup. I will also note the makeup and design of their network system and state which standards apply ...view middle of the document...

The intent is to install a combination of star topologies to where all computers connect to one central note in each individual location and each of these connecting to a note at a centralized company location. Each location consists of a local area connection using dial-up modems which all computers connect to a database system housed within the company. Each purchase requiring authorization must be made using the modem which is not only slower but often problematic. At the end of each shift the computers connect to the database and update their sales which records amounts and adjusts inventory accordingly. Being as it is not always connected in many cases this lack of constant updating can cause inventory issues as well as connection issues in the event a phone line is disrupted or down.
The standards for this project are pretty straight forward. As Kudler wishes to increase productivity by upgrading and enhancing their network they must keep it uniform at each location. The best standard for networking in this case would be the OSI or Open Systems Intercommunication. ‘The Open Systems Interconnection model is a set of standard specifications that allows various computer platforms to communicate with each other openly” (Cahill, 2010)This will be done using a layered model as it establishes a prescribed guideline for interoperability between each branch location and performs...

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