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Artists can express their messages in different ways, they might make the whole painting about the subject, or in some cases they just add something in the background, or include a sign that might not be immediately obvious that conveys their thoughts to the viewer about the matter. Artwork usually contains strong messages about certain things, or can give off a sense of how the artist feels about a certain issue.¡¥Interior of the Pantheon¡¦ is an example of an artwork that contains a message about an issue. This oil painting by Giovanni Panini, is oil on canvas that stands 4ft. 2.5 inches x 3ft. 3 inches. This painting shows us ...view middle of the document...

It shows people communicating and socializing (within the buildings magnificent dome and huge pillars), whilst marvelling at their ancestral war heroes with great pride and honour. There are two particular people on the bottom right hand side of this painting that are kneeling on one knee on the floor, facing towards a wall (which the viewer cannot see), this is symbolizing that they are showing respect and honour to or for one of the seven statues within that foyer area. So once again this portrays ¡¥Elegance¡¥ in this painting. The issue in the painting is ¡¥Elegance¡¦, because in this scene it is almost as if the inside of the building is a ballroom floor and the people are ready to start dancing to village music, although the people aren¡¦t really dancing, this painting definitely gives the viewer that image in their minds.The Pantheon is a real life construction and is classed as ¡¥one of the finest existing monuments of Ancient Rome¡¦. The artist ¡¦Giovanni Panini¡¦, has done an excellent job at re-creating the interior of the Pantheon, and with his use of dull colours he has still managed to make it look quite realistic. ¡¥Interior of the Pantheon¡¦ is currently at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C, and is part of the Samuel H. Kress Collection.

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