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Intermediate Spanish, not for beginners, nor for experts but for everyone else in between. These are the thoughts that are usually shared when one receives the name of their class that they now need to attend. Yet after being in this class for the past few months it is evident that this class is a great course for all of us, no matter what our Spanish level may be, this class is the right choice. In this class I learned many things, from grammar, to history, controversial issues and everything else in between. What I enjoyed best about the class was it’s “musical inspired twist”, the way Professor Ramer has designed the class to incorporate this component and enhance our learning experience has been one of a kind. After a busy day of work I always look ...view middle of the document...

Spanish is not only the speaking and writing of the language it is also understanding it’s beginnings and it’s history. I arrived to the states at the age of 7 during the big winter storm of 95 with my patten leather shoes, unfamiliar with the environment and most definitely the cold winter days covered in white snow. I continue to speak Spanish at home with my parents and continuing to read and write in my native language and speaking it at home was second nature. After all my parents believed that my brother and I must preserve our culture and never forget our roots. When I then moved to Somerset County I met other Spanish speakers and realized that speaking Spanish and actually knowing how to read and write it correctly are two different things. By enrolling in this class I was able to continue my studies in becoming an interpreter and translator and also be able to stay grounded on my culture and it’s beginnings.

Professor Ramer gave us interesting topics to translate that engaged great conversation during class while it’s review. I was able to compare my translations with his and see why certain words and or phrases are a better choice depending on the general idea and focus of the given piece to translate. In other words, one translates to be understood in the targeted language not translate word for word and be so literal that the main focus becomes lost with in the translation. I now know after being exposed to a variety of music by Professor Ramer and explained in great details who the singer was, how the melody complements the wording of each phrase and it’s origin I am now able to view music and specially my culture in a new way. There’s more to a language that just knowing how to communicate, every little piece combined brings us together.

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