Internal And External Business Functions: The Verizon Corporation

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According to, innovation is the act of starting something for the first time or introducing something new (WordNet, 2003). Verizon Wireless has been a prime example of a company that has plenty of innovation and readily uses the four functions of management. "Mobile-computing pioneer Palm has licensed the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system for an expanded line of Treo smartphones, the first of which will be available on Verizon Wireless' national wireless broadband network" (, 2005). This statement was just released on September 26, 2005. Verizon wireless is constantly introducing a new product and growing in the business world.Planning is the ...view middle of the document...

1). Teams of people were organized to get Verizon Wireless service up and running due to Hurricane Rita. This type of work requires organization and fresh thinking.Hurricane Rita impacted many people when it hit the Gulf Coast area. "Wireless service to Galveston has been completely restored and only a handful of cell sites in the Houston area remain out of service. Considerable progress has been made in restoring service to the Lufkin and Jasper, Texas areas. In the Beaumont and Lake Charles areas the network remains heavily impacted with service largely restored to the city centers and along major highways (ProQuest Database, PR Newswire, Sept 27, 2005, pg. 1). This quote displays how Verizon Wireless leads and controls in this time of disaster. They are constantly thinking a being innovative as to how they can help and restore services as soon as possible. On their website,, they explain how Verizon Wireless customers can aid hurricane relief and recovery efforts with a text message to "2HELP". This is a new plan and way to help the hurricane victims through Verizon Wireless cell phones.The Verizon Corporation is one of the most diverse in all aspects of the company's structural integrity. Through their diverse efforts they have accomplished many accolades of national achievement. Some of the more notable recognitions would be that of: "Black Enterprise of Today Top 30 most diverse company's of 2005, (, 2005). Essence magazine rated Verizon #2 out of 35 best company's to work for list, 2005 USPAACC, the United States Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Corporation of the year award. And finally the Veterans Business Journal Top 10 Corporate suppliers of veteran owned suppliers," (, 2005). These accomplishments have proven to the marketplace that Verizon is a trendsetter in having a diverse workforce, all which follows customer service representatives all the way to the senior level management.Diversification has an abundantly effective correlation to the four major functions of business management. As a diverse workforce with diverse senior level management Verizon can make use of. The frequent use is often perceived as an attempt to inflate the vocabulary level of the composition. More conducive planning towards specific ethnic group trends and initiatives, all which will ultimately help increase overall sales as well as be nurturing of all people's needs and concerns on a global scale. This acknowledgement of diverse areas of concern will enable Verizon to adapt and understand all the different cultures as a means to not offend any certain one culture while still growing the trust and confidence in multi-cultural spending.Organizational sub-sets of diverse origins will help solidify Verizon's management structure from which many ethnic areas of expertise are already implemented. Planning and organizing business directives with cultural needs will be more acceptable through...

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