International Business Law And Its Enviornment! Chapter 1 .2 Question

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1. Public international law, which governs the relationship between states and international organizations. It includes the following specific legal field such as the treaty law, law of sea, international criminal law and the international humanitarian law. Private international law, which addresses the questions of in which legal jurisdiction may a case be heard and the law concerning which jurisdiction apply to the issues in the case. The international business law is a system of rules that check and supervision an international business.
6. I think the corporation accountable to their host country, consumers, and investors.
My ideas about set up an accountability system to ensure ...view middle of the document...

This jurisdiction makes terrorism to form globalization more hardly. 4. Subjective territoriality is by far the most important of the six. If an activity takes place within the territory of the forum state, then the forum state has the jurisdiction to prescribe a rule for that activity. That control the terrorism by subjective. 5. Objective territoriality is invoked where the action takes place outside the territory of the forum state, but the primary effect of that activity is within the forum state. That makes the international terrorism applicable by objective.
Some universally condemned crimes are covered under the principle of universality. Such as terrorism, war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.
Yes, I think the terrorism should be a universal crime.
I can justify that in historically, universal interest jurisdiction was the right of any sovereign to capture and punish pirates. This form of jurisdiction has been expanded during the past century and a half to slavery, genocide, and hijacking.
In the United Nations Convention on Torture, the universality applied countries to take jurisdictions if the victim was their citizen, if the act occurred in their territory, or found in their universality.
11. Yes, his employment “governmental”. Yes, he was a “civil service”. Yes, the “civil service” under U.A.E law matter. It does matter that he exercised the “powers that can also be exercised by private citizens”, as distinct from those powers peculiar to sovereigns....

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