International Business Paper

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Brief Argentina Facts
Strategic Alliances
Goals and Objectives
Sales/Revenue/Financial Stability Overview
Product/Service Description
New Foreign Marketplace Analysis
Country Profile
Industry Profile
Market Entry Strategies
Pricing Strategies
Sales and Promotion Strategies
Financial Analysis
Risk Management
Executive Summary

We are the members of JAK Car Art. We are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We specialize in unique car graphics that are mostly for businesses as well as taxi companies. The car market in Argentina is constantly growing, so the market for what we do will be growing as well. We intend to ...view middle of the document...

Goals and Objectives
The only way for a company to succeed is by constant growth. We want to continue to grow so we can create more opportunities for our business and produce more revenue. Goals and objectives in our company are basic and important. One of our major goals is to have a well thought out and detailed strategic plan. We would have at least a five year growth plan.
A goal common in many companies are to increase profitability and decrease expenses. By having strategic alliances with taxi companies, public transportation companies and private businesses we can increase our sales therefore increasing profit. The longer our business exists, the more alliances we can make and the more dependable our suppliers are on the business we give them. By having stronger alliances with them we can eventually lower our expenses cost.
Another goal important to our company is customer service. We strive to make our business easy to deal with. When we give our customers a lower stress factor because we have employees who are helpful and knowledgeable, they are easier to deal with and are more willing to come back.
We decided that the best CEO of our company would be Keila Pardo. Not only does she have a degree in marketing, but she also is a fluent Spanish speaker and she has been in leadership positions in her personal life, school, and church as well. The rest of the positions were decided by what we best thought each individual would excel at. To give the best fit to each individual and the best quality to our business, we assigned each person a position at which they were both passionate and knowledgeable. Kristiana Cole is the Marketing VP and she has a Bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in marketing. The financial VP is Kelsea Malin with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Jeremy Morton is the VP of sales. He has a business degree with an emphasis in accounting. Our Management VP is Antonio Graves with a degree in business management.
Financial Stability
The financial health of a company comes from the sales that a company makes and how it handles its finances. Our stability lies in our contract numbers and clients. From our numbers we can assume that our financial health is strong. We make a large profit if we reach our target goals and because we have a lower cost than the average, we will be likely to quickly acquire new business. Even though we charge lower, we still surpass the breakeven point and will have a healthy profit. The majority or our sales and profits will be from the actual painting of individual business cars, as well as our contracts.
Service Description
For this project, we will be providing a customizable service; specializing in vehicle graphics, where acrylic enamel will be used to paint company logos on their company vehicles. This not only includes the logo, but an overall design that covers the outer body of the vehicle that exemplifies what that company envisions. For...

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