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International Cross Cultural Essay

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International Business (MOD001055) Chapter 8: International Human Resource Management Zubair Hassan (2013). International Human Resource Management. International Business


This chapter covers one major components of learning objectives/outcomes that are likely to examine via coursework or examination. This chapter will enable students to build their knowledge on global human resource issues faced by international business, such as the staffing, recruitment and selection, performance appraisal and training and development along with compensations policies. This chapter will cover the following topics: Human resource management function International human resource ...view middle of the document...

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International Business (MOD001055) Chapter 8: International Human Resource Management Zubair Hassan (2013). International Human Resource Management. International Business

Some of the research findings are illustrated below indicating that effective human resource management leads to high performance.

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International Business (MOD001055) Chapter 8: International Human Resource Management Zubair Hassan (2013). International Human Resource Management. International Business


International Human Resource Management (IHRM)
IHRM is concerned with HRM issues that cross national boundaries or are conducted in locations other than the home country headquarters. IHRM is concerned with the relationships between the HRM activities of organisations and the foreign environments in which the organisations operate. IHRM includes comparative HRM studies; e.g. differences in how companies in Japan, Thailand, Austria and Switzerland plan for upgrading of employee skills and so on. IHRM does not include studies that are focused on issues outside the traditional activities inherent in the HRM function. E.g. leadership style is not IHRM, unless specifically linked to an HRM function; developing a selection programme to measure and select global leaders would arguably lie within the domain of organisational behaviour IHRM does not include studies of HRM activities in single countries. E.g. a study of personnel selection practices in Saudi Arabia is a study about domestic HRM in Saudi Arabia. Though such studies may have interest to those who work in international HRM issues, they are essentially examples of domestic HRM research IHRM and organizational structure The type of international organisational structure adopted by the MNE will provide the context for many of the IHRM issues faced by the company The five readily identified ‘types’ of organisational structure include: – International division structure is often used in early stage of internationalization within an ‘international division’ merely added to the existing divisional structures. International geographic/regional structure involves separating out the different geographical/regional areas in which the MNE operates. Each geographic area maybe given its own division which its own functional departments. MNE with a wide variety of products in their product portfolio sold across many geographic areas often adopts this organizational structure. International product structure is where an MNE’s divisions are established on the basis of related product lines rather than geographical area. Each

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International Business (MOD001055) Chapter 8: International Human Resource Management Zubair Hassan (2013). International Human Resource Management. International Business

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