International Financial Reporting Standards (Ifrs) In Indian Context

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International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Indian context

Convergence with IFRS has gained momentum in recent years all over the World. 110+ countries including European Union, Australia, China, New Zealand, and Russia currently require or permit the use of IFRS. Apart from India, countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Canada and Korea have also committed to adopt IFRS from 2011. United States of America has announced its intention to adopt IFRS from 2014 and it also permits foreign private filers in the U.S. Stock Exchanges to file IFRS complied Financial Statement, without requiring the presentation of reconciliation statement. In this scenario of globalisation, India ...view middle of the document...

The entities in emerging economies are increasingly accessing the global markets to fulfill their capital needs by getting their securities listed on the stock exchanges outside their country. Capital markets are, thus, becoming integrated consistent with this World-wide trend. The use of different accounting frameworks in different countries, which require inconsistent treatment and presentation of the same underlying economic transactions, creates confusion for users of financial statements. This confusion leads to inefficiency in capital markets across the world. Therefore, increasing complexity of business transactions and globalization of capital markets call for a single set of high quality accounting standards. High standards of financial reporting underpin the trust investors place in financial and non-financial information. Thus, the case for a single set of globally accepted accounting standards has prompted many countries to pursue convergence of national accounting standards with IFRS.

IFRS - Indian Context
The paradigm shift in the economic environment in India during last few years has led to increasing attention being devoted to accounting standards as a means towards ensuring potent and transparent financial reporting by any corporate. ICAI, being a premier accounting body in the country, took upon itself the leadership role by establishing ASB, more than twenty five years back, to fall in line with the international and national expectations. Today, accounting standards issued by the Institute have come a long way. The ICAI as the accounting standard - setting body in the country has always made efforts to formulate high quality Accounting Standards and has been successful in doing so. Indian Accounting Standards have withstood the test of time. As the world continues to globalize, discussion on convergence of national accounting standards with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has increased significantly.

At present, the ASB of ICAI formulates the AS based on IFRS. However, these standards remain sensitive to local conditions, including the legal and economic environment. Accordingly, AS issued by ICAI depart from corresponding IFRS in order to ensure consistency with legal, regulatory and economic environment of India. As the world continues to globalize, discussion on convergence of Indian GAAP with IFRS has increased significantly. A few developments are set forth hereunder • Formation of IFRS Task Force by the Council of ICAI • Recommendation of the IFRS Task Force submitted to the Council • Full adoption of IFRS from accounting period commencing on or after 1 April 2011 • Proposed to be applicable to listed entities and public interest entities such as banks, insurance companies and large sized entities • Involvement of various regulators (MCA, RBI, IRDA, Tax authorities and SEBI) • Draft Schedule VI and Accounting Standard 1 (Exposure Draft) consistent with IFRSs • Convergence Strategy presented...

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