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International Harmony Order And Iinternational Organizations

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The state cooperation in regimes and in international organizations are just for establishing the harmony and order in international system and avoid from anarchy and discords.International organizations which purposes security and for this aim there are formal and less-formal types of international organizations like coalitions and alliances.Non-governmental international organization's aim is different then the other, they are functioning also in socioeconomic problems, human rights, human welfare issues-poverty, unemployement-and health etc...And NGOs has a big importance in influencing and monitoring international organizations.For building security and ...view middle of the document...

THE NATO, EU and UN as International OrganizationsN.A.T.O.: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization which is a regional international organization that performs collective defense functions. NATO has 19 member states. The region which it function is Europe and the North Atlantic area.E.U.: European Union which is an regional organization which performs about the order, human rights welfare etc. in Europe.U.N.: United Nations which is an international organization which performs and deals with economic and social issues worldwide. UN has so many sub organizations which worldwide trying to help people. As example; UNESCO_ UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or. UNDP_ UN Development Project for poor and needy countries.Regional International Organizations and AlliancesAndean Group Arab League OAS OAU NAFTA _North American Free Trade Association WEU Council of EuropeAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Association of Southeast Asian Nations Caribbean Community and Common Market Economic Community of West African States Mercosur NAFTA _North American Free Trade Association OPECExamples of Some Functional OrganizationsIMO - International Maritime OrganizationsILO - International Labor OrganizationIMF - International Monetary FundIFAD - International Fund of Agricultural DevelopmentITU - International Telecommunication UnionICAO - International Civil Aviation OrganizationIAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

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