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International Islamic Terrorist Recruitment Angola Position Paper

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According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proposed by the United Nations, every human being has a set of rights. One of these rights is freedom of religion. But, due to the way radical religious activists think , this human right is being violated; not only in the Middle East, but in other continents as well. One of the elements that help trigger these radical activists is their perception that they are being abused or oppressed, whether it concerns religion, race, or any of their rights. The Islamic State and the Levant is one of the most violent terrorist organizations and has had a rapid and successful advance throughout the countries of Iraq and Syria controlling a ...view middle of the document...

It was not until 2002 that the 27 year civil war came to an end leaving our country devastated, produced many refugees and claimed the lives of millions of people and although the economy has developed significantly we are in no condition to suffer any loss or attack of any kind. In regards to Islamic Insurgency Recruitment in Angola, it has been an issue for years now. People have the desire to find something meaningful in their lives, and to be part of something special that will make them feel important and respected. Some of these people try to find an answer to their desire by joining radical Islamist groups that promise to be the answer. But they are having an “identity crisis”, as Ismael Martins, ambassador of Angola in the UN, says. Currently in Angola, Islam is the religion of a minority. There are only 90,000 Muslims approximately. They are represented by the Supreme Council of Angolan Muslims. As of late 2013, the Angolan government does not legally recognize any Muslim organizations. This is because Islam is a religion that antagonizes the Angolans customs and culture. The government requires that a variety of conditions be met in order for a religion to be officially registered. For instance, there is a policy that requires any religious group to have more than 100,000 members and presence in 12 of the 18 provinces for it to have legal status. These policies infuriate Islamists, making them see the government as oppressive. This situation is perfect for the growth of radical Islamist insurgencies. Many are recruited on the basis that they are following the “true path of Allah” by fighting an anti-Islamic government.

It has been recently since Angola was elected for a second time as a nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council and our mandate has begun on January 1rst 2015. It is our priority to support peaceful resistance and...

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