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Internet And Online Marketing Essay

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Internet and online marketing

It is a known fact that with the change in times, from the elite and pica typewriters, the rotary telephones, pagers and floor model Curtis Mathis Televisions; we have graduated to a world of electronics for everything. Including how to market businesses.

Internet marketing is the most effective way to enhance and grow a company. There are three effective steps to the process of successful marketing:
1. Communication: First class customer service to include customer interaction. Always make yourself available for questions and answers.
2. Organization: It is important that the process the exemplary. The tools used should set you apart from others.
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Three Effects
Sales – It is important to post daily to increase company growth
Profit - Increase the likes on the social media pages will give more exposure
Customer satisfaction – there is a campaign called Launchrock, that involves massive email addresses of people that are interested in services, apps or anything.
Product – Post products on social sites, like Facebook and twitter
Price – Prices make a difference in customer purchasing
Distribution – Time effectiveness, customers have less patience. After seeing it online the arrival needs to be quick.
Consumer movement
Profit motive – taking a stands for business exposure and gain
Intense competition – Samsung and Apple run neck and neck for the consumer approval
Recurring – Find what the customer wants and deliver double time

Personal - Protection for uncontrolled product usage
Social – Mental Health can be for the protection of the consumer /survivor
Cultural - Advertising for improvement on customer care

Importance of brand identity
Color – An important connection to customer visual connection for a company.
Blue is the most calming of the primary colors, followed closely...

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