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Internet: At A Glance Essay

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The Wall Street Journal described the Internet in a Nov. 14, 1994, story as:"... the chain of networks that is generally the easiest and cheapest way of business processes to communicate electronically with the outside world." [1]This is however, a corporation's point of view. From a user's point of view, You can reach anywhere without paying extra for distance. You can search for and find an incredible variety of things and you can bring what you find back to your desktop, whether at work or at home. [1]One puzzling aspect of the Internet is that no one owns it and it has no formal management organization. As a creation of the "Defense Department" (USA) for sharing research data, this lack ...view middle of the document...

Anyone who has an Internet address can log onto a computer and reach virtually every other computer on the network, regardless of location, computer type, or operating system.Information retrieval is a second basic Internet function. Many hundreds of library catalogues are on-line through the Internet. Users are able to search many thousands of databases that have been opened to the public by corporations, governments, and nonprofit organizations. Individuals and organizations can gather information on almost any conceivable topic stored in these databases and libraries.Internet Benefits to OrganizationI am holding the positions of "National Administration & Personnel Manager", and "National Leasing & Installment Manager" in UNITED ARAB MOTORS CO. (UAM), the sole distributor of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having it's head office in Riyadh and ten branches all over the Kingdom. UAM has always been keen to develop modern information technology. Now, UAM is using and trying to maximize the use of Internet. At present, Company is using in its various departments. Also, it has future plan to derive its maximum benefits.The present benefits, future planning and expectations and some problems with solutions are discussed briefly as follow:(1) Facilitating Electronic Commerce on the InternetElectronic Commerce in UAM brought millions to company which otherwise could have not been so easy. Company had dead stock worth million in its warehouse which was could not be returned to the manufacturer. Searching a purchaser in open market was almost impossible. Thanks to Internet, which enabled the Company to find customer for selling all these dead stocks.UNITED ARAB MOTORS is in process to develop it's own Web Site to become closer to the customer since ever. The Web sites for organizations prove to be more impressive and effective than paper catalogues printed every year. Electronic ads. can be posted on various web sites and other places which can prove more wide spreading than any other advertisement procedure like magazine, newspaper, TV. Our Web site will contain full details of each brand and each model of vehicles with all its specifications and technical details, color pictures, graphs showing world wide sales, video clips of each models with audio.Company will be able to update its Web page offerings as often needed. Internet and the Web will provide business new flexibility. The Company, through e-mail will answer customer questions rapidly and at lower costs than by staffing a telephone system. Company will be using the Internet to make product information, ordering and customer support immediately available and to help buyers and sellers make contact.(2) The Internet as a management ToolBeing a personnel manager in UAM, my great concern is to hire qualified employees all over the world. Before it was quite impossible to access many countries altogether. Now, with the help of Internet I search millions of...

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