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Internet Censorship Essay

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Internet censorship is on the rise in the world today. The freedom to simply send emails or watch the latest news on the internet, may soon be controlled by the government. Millions of people around the world are in a bitter debate on whether internet censorship is right or wrong? Of course its wrong. The government has no right to exercise control over the internet. The internet was made to provide a platform where information could be published and accessed freely by all without regulation. It is in our best interest that the internet remains free of government control.

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According to Zack Whitetaker, a writer in the ZDNet news website, the government needs to have a special type of warrant to access anyone’s email. Majority of governments in the world do this without any warrants or rights. This is intrusion of the privacy of internet users. Clearly the government cannot censor the internet without invading our privacy. Giving up our privacy is too much of a sacrifice to the government. However, if you're not convinced that censorship is bad, you should know that internet regulation does more harm than good to society. It leaves society unaware of current issues affecting the world.

Withholding information from society will lead to ignorance. If materials that contain acts like racism or police brutality are censored or blocked, how will society know they exist? Society needs to be exposed to such realities in order to create awareness among people. Censorship of such videos will protect the identity of the perpetrators of such acts thus promoting their inhuman acts. People have a right to know the current issues affecting the world. In addition, censorship leads to rise in human rights abuse. Websites like You Tube and Wiki leaks are considered enemies to most governments in the world because they can't be fully controlled. Websites like these have repeatedly uploaded videos exposing unjust acts carried out by military soldiers in their line of work.

A suitable example is the case of Bradley Manning, a U.S military soldier in Iraq. He...


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