Internship Reflection Essay

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I had the pleasure of interning at Hurley Medical Center this January for my 150 hour internship. It was an amazing experience and I would like to thank the organization for having me. I can honestly say that I was lucky to have such a great opportunity working with such an amazing organization. Hurley Medical Center is one of 3 hospitals in the region and is the only public hospital in the area. During my internship there it was clear to see that it was making strides in the right direction giving patients quality care along with a equally great experience.
For my internship I was directed to work under the service line administration team, and reported to Mike Burnett who was the Vice ...view middle of the document...

For this particular project I was responsible for finding how much of a market there was for this type of service, where patients were going for this type of service, and who were the physicians referring patients for this type of service. The Crimson software helped in identifying how much usage of these types of services patients were using in our primary and secondary markets, along with were these services were being done and who the physicians were. With this information I had to go through each of the physicians who were referring patients for use of these services and see what hospitals they were aligned with. If these physicians were aligned with our hospital then it was assumed that their patient volume would shift to our facility if we began offering services. This was the first step in determining the feasibility of the service line and it was what I was responsible for.
Another project I worked on was growing the orthopedic service line. For this project I was responsible for collecting and analyzing data of orthopedic surgeons and their referring primary care physicians. I started off by looking at our market share of the surgeries and compared it to our competitors. I had to pinpoint PCP referral patterns and see where these physicians were sending their patients for surgeries. I then pinpointed ten physicians who were splitting between the 3 regional hospitals that we would target in an effort to shift their patient volume to our facility.
I also was given two smaller projects, the first related to lung cancer. The hospital also wanted to track lung cancer in the area and where these patients were being diagnosed. After tracking these patients I found that many of our patients being diagnosed in the area were in stage 3 or later, and the hospital now wants to make an effort to provide screenings for patients to catch cancer earlier. The second project was to track PCP loyalty to cardiologist and Vascular surgeons for our primary and secondary service area and...

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