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Interoperability Essay

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Teresa Wadsworth
Michele Dougherty

In this paper I will be identifying a type of human services organization, describing three models of interoperability and how it can be integrated with the organization, and then a backup plan should technology fail.
The Human services organization that I have chosen is Community Intervention Associates. They are a local for profit Behavioral Health organization. They provide services to the low income and homeless populations with mental illnesses. Some examples of the services that they offer are Individual & Family Services such as counseling and groups. Psychiatric Health for those in ...view middle of the document...

Interoperability requires collaboration because health and social services organizations must align their business processes toward the common goals of managing costs and improving care for members.
While clinical care staff members generally find ways to communicate across program boundaries and coordinate care at the case level, interagency coordination too often remains unattainable. Aside from the understandable complications that arise from large-scale coordination, it may be easier for individuals to coordinate their efforts in this small-scale context because their risk of losing control is low.
Policy, Structure, and Practice are three models of interoperability. Policy is the principles or rules that guide decisions by which human services organizations define how they will achieve a desired outcome across the range of programs, activities and disciplines. Some examples are that Information sharing is clearly defined, meets confidentiality and privacy requirements, and is integrated in training and practice. That Integrated case management is clearly articulated by leadership and embedded in operations, procedures, training and practice. Also that business processes are designed to treat clients holistically so that they receive maximum services allowable. Finally, those systems are designed to focus on achieving and measuring client outcomes. Structure is the way public and private human services systems design, organize and implement work processes to achieve policy and practice goals. Some examples of structure are...

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