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Interpersonal communication serves as a means of organisational activities in planning, managing, leading and controlling process. Both Heffernan and Poole (2005) and Henttonen and Blomqvist (2005) are in agreement and highlighting that building mutual trust is an essential element in building relationships with overseas partners or teams respectively. In general, communication is considered has linked to commitment focusing on two areas. First, the focus has been on general aspects of communication such as communication satisfaction (Varona, 1996), communication climate (Guzley, 1992; Van den Hooff and de Ridder, 2004), quality of communication (Thornhill et al., 1996), communication ...view middle of the document...

The contribution of the research in this article is apparently clear. First, the focus of study is specifically on interpersonal communication despite limited research on interpersonal communication skills and their influence on employee commitment. The survey is taken from 32 HR manager from selected companies which satisfy the criteria of sampling method. In addition, the secondary data here , journal resource, is so far quite comprehensive and qualified conducted on the topic by other credible academics in the field, as listed in the reference list of the article especially concerning about communication and its link to commitment to achieve the goal of organisation. Another strength of this article is its unique style of presenting the direct quote of the respondent while summing up author’s standpoint or discussing its analysis as a direct proof. The last but one, the literature review is closely quoted from relevant and contemporary issue of findings around the globe. It means that this survey is still relevant to the current development of communication skills needed by manager.

Apart from its strengths of this study, the weakness of this study is clear. The research aims to figure out interpersonal communication skills in managerial level however the sample is wholly taken from Human Resource manager as their object research. The results probably could be biased to...

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