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Interpersonal Communication Paper

2745 words - 11 pages

Core Assessment Portfolio
Scottie Pennington

In fulfillment of course requirements for

Park University
CA104 Interpersonal Communication
Spring II Term 2012

Interpersonal Communication Report

Interpersonal Communication Report Outline

I. Interpersonal communication can be defined a number of ways, but it is usually described as communication between or among connected persons or those in a close relationship. I have really been able to examine my own interpersonal communication, between and among the people I am ...view middle of the document...

2. I examine how I came to have my concept of self and the sources that helped to develop it.

C. Perception
1. Becoming aware of people through your senses and experiences is what builds your perception of who they are and what you think of them.
2. My perceptions of others have not always been accurate. I need to check my perceptions to avoid inaccurate conclusions.

D. Effective Listening
1. Listening is receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating and responding to messages from another speaker.
2. I use this five stage process to listening to help me improve my interpersonal communication skills.

E. Language Barriers
1. Even speaking the same language can cause communication to be difficult because speakers may have a different meaning for the same word depending their experiences.
2. My experience with language difficulties are from communicating with family members who do not speak the same language as I do. We are still able to communicate though nonverbal behaviors.

F. Nonverbal Cues
1. A person communicates nonverbally when they make gestures or facial expressions. Nonverbal communication is unlike verbal communication in that it is universal throughout the world.
2. Nonverbal communication plays a key role in my relationship with my non-English speaking in-laws. However, not everything can be communicated through nonverbal functions.

G. Maintaining Healthy Interpersonal Relationships
1. There are many strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship, but some are harder to implement than others.
2. I discuss the strategies I learned in this course and how the have affected my relationship.

H. Resolving Conflict
1. There will always be disagreements between connected individuals, but it is how the disagreement is resolved that determines whether or not a relationship continues.
2. Some of the strategies mentioned in this course have helped me resolve conflicts with my wife, family members and co-workers.

III. I have mentioned many aspects to interpersonal communication and how it affects my life on a daily basis. I believe the skills I have acquired during this course have helped prepare me to improve my current and future relationships with others. Just by learning to become a better listener will go a long way in this process.

IV. Understanding how to improve your interpersonal communication with those that you are connected to can really improve your relationship and communication with that person. After reviewing these topics and appreciating how they affect my life, I am ready to use what have learned and improve my interpersonal communication. This paper, and this course, have opened my eyes up to the deficiencies I have as a communicator. I believe being a good communicator leads to a much happier life.

Scottie Pennington
Ramona Mata
CA104 Interpersonal Communication
5 May 2012

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